Wednesday, July 1, 2015
  1. Economics

    Europe’s Attack on Greek Democracy

    Joseph E. Stiglitz

    Europe’s Attack on Greek Democracy


     explains what is really at stake in this weekend’s referendum.

    lines at greek atms Panayiotis Tzamaros/ZumaPress

    The rising crescendo of bickering and acrimony within Europe might seem to outsiders to be the inevitable result of the bitter endgame playing out between Greece and its creditors. In fact, European leaders are finally beginning to reveal the true nature of the ongoing debt dispute, and the answer is not pleasant. READ MORE

  2. Business & Finance

    Getting the Trans-Pacific Partnership Right

    Simon Johnson
  3. Economics

    Emerging Markets After the Fed Hikes Rates

    Nouriel Roubini

    Emerging Markets After the Fed Hikes Rates


     believes that most countries are resilient enough to withstand US monetary-policy tightening.

    Fed chair Janet Yellen Yin Bogu/ZumaPress

    The prospect that the US Federal Reserve will start exiting zero policy rates later this year has fueled growing fear of volatility in emerging economies’ currency, bond, and stock markets. But, with a few exceptions lacking systemic importance, widespread distress and crises need not occur. READ MORE

  4. Politics

    Putin Made Simple

    Georgy Satarov

    Putin Made Simple


     examines the worldview that has arrested Russia’s modernization process.

    Vladimir Putin Jia Yuchen/ZumaPress

    Three weeks before Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first election victory, in March 2000, his campaign released a book, based on 24 hours of interviews with three journalists. The book revealed a key belief that would underlie Putin’s leadership style: Simplicity can and must be imposed on a complex world. READ MORE

  5. Business & Finance

    What is Full Employment?

    Martin Feldstein
    Business & Finance

    What is Full Employment?


     explains why the US inflation rate will soon begin to rise more rapidly.

    job interview Bruce R. Bennett/ZumaPress

    In an important sense, the US economy is now at full employment: The relatively tight labor market is causing wages to rise at an accelerating rate, because employers must pay more to attract and retain employees. This has important implications for policymakers – and not just at the Federal Reserve. READ MORE

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