1. Merkel worried Steffi Loos/getty images

    The Danger of a Post-German Europe

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    • Whatever government eventually emerges in Germany following the collapse of the talks to form a new coalition probably won’t be in a strong position to advance much-needed institutional reform of the European Union. 
    • The danger is that the EU will remaining in a holding pattern – an outcome that the bloc can ill afford.
  2. Ben Salman Poster IBRAHIM CHALHOUB/AFP/Getty Images

    Saudi Arabia’s Impatient Young Man

    Since his sudden elevation to crown prince and heir apparent to his father, 32-year-old Mohammed bin Salman has set about reforming the economy, purging his rivals, and asserting Saudi influence abroad. But is Prince Mohammed’s modernization drive and increasingly open confrontation with Iran unleashing forces that will undermine him, and the Kingdom.

  3. Oil barrels Ahmad Al-Rubaye/Getty Images

    The Abnormality of Oil

    At the 2017 Abu Dhabi Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, the consensus among industry executives was that oil prices will still be around $60 per barrel in November 2018. But there is evidence to suggest that the uptick in global growth and developments in Saudi Arabia will push the price as high as $80 in the meantime.

  4. Demonstration Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Capitalizing on Climate Unity

    President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States – the world’s largest historical carbon dioxide emitter – from the Paris agreement dealt the accord a major blow. But it is hard not to take heart from the resolve Trump’s decision has unleashed, both globally and within the US itself.

  5. Somali money Simon Maina/Getty Images

    Saving Somalia Through Debt Relief

    Somalia needs humanitarian aid to stem its short-term suffering, but that cash will not break the country's deadly cycles of drought, hunger, and poverty. To do that, the IMF must forgive Somalia's crushing debt, just as it has for nearly every other heavily indebted poor country.

  6. South Korea missile Getty Images

    The Pandora’s Box of the Digital Age

    In the past year alone, a series of hacks and ransomware attacks by hostile governments and other malign actors have raised alarms about global stability. Unfortunately, many governments are responding by developing still more cyber weapons, on the mistaken assumption that offense is the best defense.

  7. A man begs for money Jewel Samad/Getty Images

    Poverty Is Also a Psychosocial Problem

    Around the world, the shame felt by those enduring extreme economic hardship can become a trap. Only when policymakers grasp that dignity and self-respect are prerequisites in the struggle against privation – rather than outcomes of its alleviation – will the world have a fighting chance to eradicate poverty in all its forms.


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