Thursday, July 28, 2016
  1. Business & Finance

    Growth in a Time of Disruption

    Michael Spence
    Business & Finance

    Growth in a Time of Disruption


     proposes ways to adapt developing-country growth models to a tough new global economic environment.

    Newsart for Growth in a Time of Disruption Lucas Schifres/Getty Images

    Developing countries are facing major obstacles – many of which they have little to no control over – to achieving sustained high growth rates. With reversal of these trends – from low advanced-economy growth to the rise of digital technologies like robotics – out of the question, adaptation is the only option. READ MORE

  2. Economics

    A Brief History of (In)equality

    J. Bradford DeLong
  3. Politics

    Reversing Brexit

    Anatole Kaletsky
  4. Economics

    The Death of OPEC

    Anas Alhajji

    The Death of OPEC


     explains why Saudi Arabia destroyed the old oil market – and why it has launched a new one.

    Newsart for The Death of OPEC Hans Punz/Stringer

    Saudi Arabia killed OPEC, and there is no reviving it. But, as competition in energy markets shifts from crude to refined products, new opportunities for cooperation are likely to emerge, resulting in a more efficient and resilient global energy market. READ MORE

  5. Business & Finance

    The Globalization Disconnect

    Stephen S. Roach

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The Middle East Exchange

internally displaced Iraqis

In the face of regional turmoil, exacerbated by the rise of the Islamic State, many Arab governments are embracing a new solution-oriented agenda – focused on economic diversification, improved education systems, and private-sector-led growth – to stimulate reform and development. In "The Middle East Exchange" Project Syndicate, in partnership with Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, provides a unique global platform to help frame and stimulate regional and global debate on the vital development issues shaping Arab societies.

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Editors’ Insight 12

Lies, Liars, and Lawlessness

As poor political leadership worldwide incites new dangers, Dani Rodrik, Nina Khrushcheva, Kemal Derviş, and other Project Syndicate contributors ask whether there’s a way back that leads forward.

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