Wednesday, July 27, 2016
  1. Business & Finance

    The Globalization Disconnect

    Stephen S. Roach
  2. Economics

    America’s Exploding Deficit

    Martin Feldstein

    America’s Exploding Deficit


     warns that the cost of the US debt ratio could soar if investors demand higher interest rates.

    Newsart for America’s Exploding Deficit Bloomberg/Getty Images

    Although the US debt-to-GDP ratio doubled in the past decade, the Obama administration and Congress ignored the problem, focusing instead on the annual deficit’s decline since 2012 and the relative stability of the deficit as a share of GDP. But the debt should be a top priority for whoever moves into the White House next year. READ MORE

  3. Culture & Society

    Hillary Clinton and the Scandinavian-American Dream

    Bo Lidegaard
    Culture & Society

    Hillary Clinton and the Scandinavian-American Dream


     thinks the US can emulate the Nordic countries' success in ensuring high employment at decent pay.

    Newsart for Hillary Clinton and the Scandinavian-American Dream Francis Dean/Getty Images

    Hillary Clinton dismissed Nordic welfare economies in a Democratic primary debate last fall, underscoring one of her biggest differences with Bernie Sanders. But these economies have been successful in guarding against precisely the kind of populist anger that Clinton will face in November. READ MORE

  4. Politics

    Turkish Democracy’s Secret Weapon

    Adeel Malik
  5. Politics

    The Kremlin’s Olympic Acrobatics

    Nina L. Khrushcheva

    The Kremlin’s Olympic Acrobatics


     thinks that banning Russia's team could have spurred Vladimir Putin to seek another kind of glory.

    Newsart for The Kremlin’s Olympic Acrobatics Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images

    Following revelations about state-sponsored doping in Russia, the country barely avoided an outright ban from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. But an outright ban could have produced even more dangerous consequences, by driving President Vladimir Putin to seek glory elsewhere. READ MORE

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The Middle East Exchange

internally displaced Iraqis

In the face of regional turmoil, exacerbated by the rise of the Islamic State, many Arab governments are embracing a new solution-oriented agenda – focused on economic diversification, improved education systems, and private-sector-led growth – to stimulate reform and development. In "The Middle East Exchange" Project Syndicate, in partnership with Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, provides a unique global platform to help frame and stimulate regional and global debate on the vital development issues shaping Arab societies.

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Editors’ Insight 11

Lies, Liars, and Lawlessness

As poor political leadership worldwide incites new dangers, Dani Rodrik, Nina Khrushcheva, Kemal Derviş, and other Project Syndicate contributors ask whether there’s a way back that leads forward.

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