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    Oil’s Uncertain Comeback

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    • Unless there is a notable geopolitical shock, traditional oil producers should treat the recent oil-price gains as a temporary windfall, not a permanent state of affairs. 

    • To prolong the price recovery as long as possible, they should reinforce their collective production discipline.
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    Resetting High Tech’s Gender Default

    Silicon Valley and technology hubs everywhere pride themselves on being the place where the future is invented. But, for women, that place can resemble a toxic distillation of the past, where gender discrimination, open sexism, and harassment are all in a day’s work.

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    Making Social Media Safe for Democracy

    • Social media firms may not be creating the continuing torrent of junk news seen in 2017, but they provide the platforms that have allowed “computational propaganda” to become one of the most powerful tools currently being used to undermine democracy. 

    • If democracy is to survive, today’s social media giants will have to redesign themselves.


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