Friday, June 23, 2017
  1. Business & Finance

    An IMF Bridge to Somewhere for Greece?

    Mohamed A. El-Erian
    Business & Finance

    An IMF Bridge to Somewhere for Greece?


     says a compromise to prevent a default next month will work only if debt forgiveness follows.

    greece NurPhoto/Getty Images
    The IMF has resurrected an old technique – commonly used in the 1980s during the Latin American debt crisis – that will allow Greece to avoid a payment default next month on debt owed to European creditors. But the Fund’s elegant compromise still leaves Greece under the shadow of an enormous debt overhang. READ MORE
  2. Culture & Society

    Reinventing the French People

    Bernard-Henri Lévy
  3. World Affairs

    Who Will Fill America’s Shoes?

    Richard N. Haass
    World Affairs

    Who Will Fill America’s Shoes?


     sees no viable candidate to succeed the US as it abandons its global leadership role.

    Nato Mandel Ngan/Getty Images
    It is increasingly clear that Donald Trump represents a departure from continuity when it comes to America’s global outlook and behavior. As a result, the US will no longer play the leading international role that has defined its foreign policy for three quarters of a century – and there is no single candidate that can succeed it. READ MORE
  4. Politics

    The Russian-Roulette Presidency

    Elizabeth Drew

    The Russian-Roulette Presidency


     thinks the multiple investigations into Donald Trump's presidency are beginning to leave their mark.

    Newsart for The Russian-Roulette Presidency Bill Clark/Getty Images
    Unless US President Donald Trump decides to return to his gilded Manhattan tower, the metastasizing crisis of his presidency will continue. Separate investigations in the US Congress are underway, and the investigation by the Justice Department’s special counsel, Robert Mueller, is just getting started. READ MORE
  5. Politics

    The Death of the Party

    Nina L. Khrushcheva

    The Death of the Party


     considers why major political parties, from India's Congress to France's Socialists, are declining.

    Newsart for The Death of the Party Phill Magakoe/AFP/Getty Images
    Today, once-great political parties in the West and some developing countries seem to be going the way of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. But whereas the CPSU’s demise was perfectly logical, the decline of major political parties in countries like France, India, and South Africa is not so easy to explain. READ MORE


PS On Air: Joseph Nye on Trump and the Liberal World Order

Joseph S. Nye discusses Donald Trump’s impact on international affairs with Mark Leonard, director of the ECFR.

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