Tuesday, April 25, 2017
  1. Politics

    Who Is Marine Le Pen?

    Christine Ockrent
  2. Economics

    New Life for the SDR?

    Mohamed A. El-Erian

    New Life for the SDR?


     defends an incremental approach to realizing the potential of the IMF's incipient global currency.

    imf world bank meeting Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
    The rise of anti-globalization political movements and the threat of trade protectionism have led some people to wonder whether a stronger multilateral core for the world economy would reduce the risk of damaging fragmentation. If so, enhancing the role of the IMF's incipient global currency may be the best option. READ MORE
  3. Politics

    Macron’s Mission

    Harold James

    Macron’s Mission


     considers the challenges ahead for the pro-EU centrist now poised to win the French presidency.

    emmanuel macron Sylvain Levefre/Getty Images
    The centrist Emmanuel Macron’s success in the first round of the French presidential election is likely to re-energize Europe. But Macron’s plurality of the popular vote was narrow, and a much larger share of French voters showed support for a very different political vision. READ MORE
  4. World Affairs

    Liberalism in the Trenches

    Ana Palacio
    World Affairs

    Liberalism in the Trenches


     calls upon supporters of the post-1945 world order to defend it with passion, not just logic.

    trump xi meeting Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images
    After a dizzying few months, in which Donald Trump’s young presidency threw the entire post-1945 global order into question, the geopolitical status quo appears to have reemerged. But this is no time for complacency: defenders of the liberal international order still need a comprehensive foreign-policy strategy. READ MORE
  5. Innovation & Technology

    The Coming Technology Policy Debate

    Michael J. Boskin
    Innovation & Technology

    The Coming Technology Policy Debate


     calls for stronger policies to contain the risks of broadly beneficial innovations.

    tablet technology Kohei Hara/Getty Images
    Technological progress brings far-reaching benefits, but it also poses increasingly serious threats to humankind. With governments and citizens already struggling with the consequences of recent innovations – from job displacement to security risks – technology policy is likely to take center stage in the coming decade. READ MORE


Can the EU Handle President Le Pen?

Mark Leonard asks why the EU hasn’t made plans to deal with the nightmare scenario of Marine Le Pen’​s ultimate victory.

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