Thursday, March 23, 2017
  1. Business & Finance

    Robotization Without Taxation?

    Robert J. Shiller
    Business & Finance

    Robotization Without Taxation?


     defends the principle of at least a temporary tax on labor-displacing forms of artificial intelligence.

    Newsart for Robotization Without Taxation? Leon Neal/Getty Images
    The public reaction to recent proposals that robots be taxed when they replace human labor has been largely negative. But a moderate tax on robots – even a temporary levy that merely slows the adoption of disruptive technology – seems like a natural and obvious component of any policy to address rising inequality. READ MORE
  2. Economics

    Mnuchin’s Mission

    Jeffrey Frankel
  3. Economics

    America’s Confidence Economy

    Mohamed A. El-Erian

    America’s Confidence Economy


     urges the Trump administration to act fast to translate market optimism into stronger growth.

    Newsart for America’s Confidence Economy Drew Angerer/Getty Images
    While financial markets seem convinced that the recent surge in business and consumer confidence in the US economy will soon be reflected in hard data, such as GDP growth, economists and policymakers remain unsure. Whether their doubts are vindicated will matter for both the US and the world economy. READ MORE
  4. Business & Finance

    The Sino-Korean Trade War Must End

    Lee Jong-Wha
  5. Economics

    The Eurozone is Still Vulnerable

    Benedicta Marzinotto

    The Eurozone is Still Vulnerable


     proposes a solution to the perilous shortcomings of the authorities' response to the last crisis.

    Newsart for The Eurozone is Still Vulnerable Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images
    The eurozone remains fragile and uninsured against the risk of another crisis, not least because it is still vulnerable to asymmetric boom-and-bust cycles. Although reforms that were implemented in response to the last crisis have improved the situation at the aggregate level, efforts to achieve fiscal convergence have failed. READ MORE


Trump or No Trump?

Anatole Kaletsky says congressional gridlock will be the key to continued buoyancy in US equity markets.

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