Wednesday, March 29, 2017
  1. Politics

    Britain’s Messy Divorce

    Chris Patten

    Britain’s Messy Divorce


     worries that, as is usually the case, it is the children who will suffer the most.

    uk eu flags brexit protest Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images
    As Britain formally triggers the doleful negotiations to exclude itself from the mainstream of European politics and economics, Prime Minister Theresa May refuses to call what is happening by its correct name. But the UK is certain to emerge from the proceedings poorer – and probably less democratic. READ MORE
  2. World Affairs

    A Dramatic Comeback for Europe

    Anatole Kaletsky
  3. Economics

    The Temptations of a Resilient China

    Stephen S. Roach

    The Temptations of a Resilient China


     urges the country's leaders not to project global power that domestic strength cannot support.

    renminbi ZhangPeng/LightRocket/Getty Images
    Another growth scare has come and gone for the Chinese economy, with export growth up strongly in the first two months of 2017. For the country's policymakers, the challenge now is to stay focused on executing their domestic strategy, rather than seeking to replace the US at the center of the global system. READ MORE
  4. Business & Finance

    President Trump’s Necessary German Lessons

    Hans-Werner Sinn
    Business & Finance

    President Trump’s Necessary German Lessons


     dismantles the US president's latest charge of currency manipulation against a key trade partner.

    Newsart for President Trump’s Necessary German Lessons Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images
    Donald Trump has criticized Germany’s enormous current-account surplus, which he considers the result of German currency manipulation. But Trump is wrong: while Germany’s external surplus, at 8% of GDP, is big – too big – currency manipulation has nothing to do with it. READ MORE
  5. Politics

    France’s Extraordinary Election

    Dominique Moisi

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