Friday, April 28, 2017
  1. Politics

    The People vs. Donald Trump

    Simon Johnson

    The People vs. Donald Trump


     explains how grassroots efforts are increasingly hamstringing the administration's extremist agenda.

     Trump and Congress Win McNamee/Getty Images
    The Republicans may have won big in November 2016, but US President Donald Trump’s ability to pass legislation still depends on what congressional Republicans expect to see happen in the November 2018 midterm election. If once-safe Republican seats continue to come under threat, Trump's agenda could be stymied. READ MORE
  2. Politics

    What Mandate for Theresa May?

    Chris Patten

    What Mandate for Theresa May?


     doubts that the UK's election in June will resolve the many questions surrounding Brexit.

    Theresa May Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
    The UK prime minister's decision to call a snap election reflects her hope of winning a large, docile majority in Parliament for whatever Brexit agreement she concludes with the EU. But, however large her victory in June turns out to be, if she strikes a bad deal – or no deal at all – her government can expect a very rough ride. READ MORE
  3. Business & Finance

    Why Europe Still Needs Cash

    Yves Mersch
    Business & Finance

    Why Europe Still Needs Cash


     cites new ECB research showing that the eurozone isn't ready – or willing – to abolish banknotes.

    Contactless cards
    With the digital revolution generating ever-faster and more convenient means for settling transactions, old-fashioned paper money and coins would seem to have no future. But the three main reasons for abolishing them do not withstand scrutiny. READ MORE
  4. Politics

    Has France Really Rejected Populism?

    Mark Roe

    Has France Really Rejected Populism?


     points out that anti-establishment presidential candidates carried almost half of the first-round vote.

    French Elections Chesnot/Getty Images
    Beneath the surface of France’s first-round presidential election results is a potential coalition that should give pause to those celebrating the supposed triumph of liberal democracy. Even if the French electorate rejects anti-establishment policies this time around, today's large minority could become tomorrow's majority. READ MORE
  5. Business & Finance

    Where to Build Trump’s Wall?

    Ricardo Hausmann
    Business & Finance

    Where to Build Trump’s Wall?


     shows why policymakers should focus on local economies' ability to adjust to structural disruption.

    Main Street USA Universal Images Group/Getty Images
    Any economy’s success is heavily influenced by the performance of that sliver of activities that sells its products to outsiders. And what is true for countries is true for states, cities, and towns, which is why policies to address disruption from foreign trade are often – and increasingly – irrelevant. READ MORE

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