Sunday, March 29, 2015
  1. Economics

    Secular Stagnation for Free

    Ricardo Hausmann

    Secular Stagnation for Free


     argues that much economic progress goes unmeasured, because no one is paying for its benefits.

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    For some reason, achieving a level of investment that would generate full employment seems to require negative real interest rates, which is another way of saying that people have to be paid to invest. In fact, to harness the possibilities of new technology, we may need non-market forms of payment for valuable contributions. READ MORE

  2. Culture & Society

    Why Sanctions on Russia Don’t Work

    Andrei Kolesnikov
    Culture & Society

    Why Sanctions on Russia Don’t Work


     shows that Western pressure has caused Russians to close ranks behind the Kremlin.

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    The Western approach to Russia assumes that continued pressure on the country will cause President Vladimir Putin’™s regime to make concessions or even crumble. But, as recent opinion polls suggest, such an approach is less likely to undermine the regime than to cause Russians to close ranks in Putin’s defense. READ MORE

  3. Politics

    Britain by Itself

    Chris Patten

    Britain by Itself


     chides UK politicians for ignoring international affairs in the ongoing election campaign.

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    It is unfortunate that some of the most important issues facing the UK are being ignored in the country'€™s current election campaign. British politicians may not be speaking much about international affairs, but the next government will have to deal with Russian aggression, European security, and a possible vote on EU membership. READ MORE

  4. Business & Finance

    What’s an Industry?

    Lucy P. Marcus
    Business & Finance

    What’s an Industry?


     warns traditional companies that they are more vulnerable to sectoral upheaval than they believe.

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    Once upon a time, analysts could easily categorize companies and tell the markets what they were worth, boards could oversee firms with a view to shareholders’ happiness, and all was right in the world. But that world is disappearing before our eyes. READ MORE

  5. Economics

    Messed-Up Macro

    Robert Skidelsky

    Messed-Up Macro


     on why the right economic policies cannot work without the right public expectations.

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    Once beliefs and expectations are introduced into economics, as is surely reasonable, the results of fiscal and monetary policy become indeterminate. Too much depends on what people think the results of the policy will be. READ MORE

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