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  1. rogoff192_Vectorios2016Getty Images_coronaviruseconomyrecession Vectorios2016/Getty Images

    Mapping the COVID-19 Recession

    Kenneth Rogoff

    Until there is a better sense of when and how the COVID-19 public-health crisis will be resolved, economists cannot even begin to predict the end of the recession that is now underway. Still, there is every reason to anticipate that this downturn will be far deeper and longer than that of 2008.

  2. shultz1_Tayfun CoskunAnadolu Agency via Getty Images_nystockexchangeusflagmarket Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

    Lessons from Crises Past

    George P. Shultz, et al.

    Government policies restricting the operation of markets usually do more harm than good. Even in times of crisis, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, policymakers should do everything possible to keep markets working and private incentives strong.

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Will Europe Lead or Lag?

Featured in this Big Picture
  1. Josep Borrell Josep Borrell ,
  2. Sigmar Gabriel Sigmar Gabriel ,
  3. Maciej Kisilowski Maciej Kisilowski ,
  4. Jan-Werner Mueller Jan-Werner Mueller ,
  5. Lucrezia Reichlin Lucrezia Reichlin ,
  6. Yanis Varoufakis Yanis Varoufakis ,
  7. Anna Wojciuk Anna Wojciuk

In the absence of a strong, coordinated global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the job of leading the world out of the crisis remains vacant. Should the European Union, seeking to position itself as a diplomatic superpower between the hard powers of China and America, nominate itself for the position?

Kenya covid19 Simon Maina/AFP via Getty Images

The Next Epicenters

Featured in this Big Picture
  1. Roberto Chang,
  2. Denis Chopera,
  3. Jayati Ghosh,
  4. Martín Guzmán,
  5. Ricardo Hausmann,
  6. Célestin Monga,
  7. Yik-Ying Teo,
  8. Andrés Velasco,
  9. Kevin Watkins

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly overwhelmed health systems and shut down economies from China to Europe to the United States. But the virus could be even more lethal for the vulnerable developing countries of the Global South.

Lockdown Iván Terrón/Europa Press via Getty Images

The Post-Pandemic World

Featured in this Big Picture
  1. Kemal Derviş,
  2. Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg,
  3. Federica Mogherini,
  4. Raghuram G. Rajan,
  5. Kevin Rudd,
  6. Sebastián Strauss,
  7. Arvind Subramanian,
  8. Gernot Wagner

As the COVID-19 outbreak worsens, many fear that it will not only exact a terrible human and economic toll, but also that it will deepen today’s crisis of globalization and global governance. But the pandemic might yet shake up international politics for the better.

25 years of the World's Opinion Page

Renewing Europe

Mar 4, 2019 Emmanuel Macron

To commemorate its founding 25 years ago, PS is republishing a selection of commentaries written since 1994. 

In the following commentary, Emmanuel Macron called on EU citizens to focus on three goals ahead of the critical European Parliament election in May 2019.

Comments From: Chris Patten, Diane Coyle, Clemens Fuest, Stefan Gerlach, Anatole Kaletsky, Christopher Smart, Ana Palacio, Mark Leonard, Edoardo Campanella, Lucrezia Reichlin, Daniel Gros, Éloi Laurent, Jacek Rostowski, Helmut Anheier, Erik Berglöf, Carl Bildt, Gene Frieda.




Opinion that Moves

Sunrise Johannesburg Africa BFG Images/Getty Images

The African Century

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Press Released

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Trump, Trade, and China

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