1. Fairfax Media via Getty Images

    Making the Case for Sovereign GDP-Linked Bonds

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    • The crises that erupted in countries like Ireland and Greece a decade ago would not have been so severe had their debt been linked to their economic performance. 

    • And the same is true today: Investors around the world will continue to accept the risk, given the unlimited upside to investing in entire economies.
  2. Nina Khrushcheva on Russia in 2018 and Beyond

    • Vladimir Putin's landslide win in Russia’s presidential election was a foregone conclusion: he was the only viable candidate permitted to run. 

    • Yet, as The New School’s Nina Khrushcheva explains, another six years of Putin’s rule is almost certain to mean more instability for Russia, Europe, and the world.
  3. Financial planning report Getty Images

    The Metric God That Failed

    • Over the past few decades, formal institutions have increasingly been subjected to performance measurements that define success or failure according to narrow and arbitrary metrics. 

    • The outcome should have been predictable: institutions have done what they can to boost their performance metrics, often at the expense of performance itself.
  4. MARIJAN MURAT/AFP/Getty Images

    Tackling Poverty in the Midst of Plenty

    The poor are always with us, but their number is rising even in the richest countries. 

    Does welfare provision need to be rethought? 

  5. Mother with her newborn baby Getty Images

    Trump’s War on Maternal Health

    Around the world, women continue to die from complications arising in childbirth, even though maternal mortality is a problem that we know how to solve. What is missing is not the know-how, but funding and political leaders who are brave enough to put women's health before partisan politics.

  6. Leveson Report Oli Scarff/Getty Images

    Is the Press Too Free?

    Earlier this month, the former actor and comedian John Ford revealed that Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times newspaper employed him to hack and blag his way into the private affairs of dozens of prominent people. We need the press to protect us against abuses of state power; but we also need the state to protect us from abuses of media power.

  7. Worker stand in a steel workshop in Zouping AFP/Getty Images

    The Real Reason for Trump’s Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

    The Trump administration's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports will target China, but not the way most observers believe. For the US, the most important bilateral trade issue has nothing to do with the Chinese authorities' failure to reduce excess steel capacity, as promised, and stop subsidizing exports.


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