Thursday, February 23, 2017
  1. Economics

    Economists in Denial

    Robert Skidelsky

    Economists in Denial


     explains why the Bank of England's recent macroeconomic forecasts have been so wide of the mark.

    Bank UK John Keeble/Getty Images
    The Bank of England’s chief economist has blamed the failure of its forecasting models, which had predicted a major economic slowdown after last June's Brexit vote, on “irrational behavior.” But what seems irrational to a central bank, not to mention the City of London, may be perfectly rational for a "Leave" supporter. READ MORE
  2. World Affairs

    Populism Versus the Media

    Chris Patten
  3. Economics

    China’s Weapons of Trade War

    Keyu Jin

    China’s Weapons of Trade War


     shows why Donald Trump's protectionist threats, if implemented, would backfire on the US economy.

    Hubei province Honda factory STR/Stringer
    China exports more to the US than the US exports to China, and that makes Donald Trump furious. But with the Communist Party’s 19th Congress set to take place in Beijing this year, Chinese leaders are unlikely to yield to US pressure. READ MORE
  4. Business & Finance

    The WTO Reborn?

    Arvind Subramanian
    Business & Finance

    The WTO Reborn?


     identifies three key developments that could enable the revival of trade multilateralism.

    Press conference IMF WTO OECD
    Recent rebukes of globalization, such as the UK's Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as US president, suggest that the marginalization of the World Trade Organization will continue. But these outcomes may actually have the opposite effect, owing to three key developments. READ MORE
  5. Innovation & Technology

    Mapping the Future of AI

    Margaret A. Boden
    Innovation & Technology

    Mapping the Future of AI


     pours cold water on the idea of the "Singularity," when artificial intelligence outsmarts us.

    robotics assembly Hero Images
    Given the possibility of "deep learning" by artificial systems, it is not surprising that some people foresee a point known as the “Singularity,” when artificial intelligence will exceed human intelligence, by intelligently improving itself. But artificial general intelligence is not in our foreseeable future. READ MORE

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