Saturday, January 21, 2017
  1. Politics

    Trump’s Alternative Ethical Universe

    Lucy P. Marcus
  2. The Year Ahead 2017

    The Middle East’s Next Moment of Reckoning

    Larry Diamond, ET AL
    The Year Ahead 2017

    The Middle East’s Next Moment of Reckoning

    & 0

    predict that state-led reforms will not be enough to alleviate public discontent in the region.

    Bahrain National Day Anadolu Agency

    When the Arab Spring erupted in December 2010, advocates for change in the Arab world had reason to be hopeful. But, as we saw in 2016, authoritarianism has returned, and whether that trend can be reversed in 2017 will depend on how well regional and international leaders have absorbed lessons from the recent past.

  3. PS Focus

    Davos: Go Tell It From The Mountain

  4. Politics

    Brexit Into Trumpland

    Philippe Legrain

    Brexit Into Trumpland


     foresees profound economic disruption in the UK stemming from Theresa May's EU exit plan.

    May's brexit speech 17 jan WPA Pool/Pool
    British Prime Minister Theresa May is leading the UK toward a very hard Brexit in 2019 – and potentially off a cliff. Her objectives for negotiating with the EU make clear her intention to prioritize hardline Brexiteers’ demands over the country’s economic interests. READ MORE
  5. The Year Ahead 2017

    Can Saudi Arabia Reform Itself?

    Bernard Haykel
    The Year Ahead 2017

    Can Saudi Arabia Reform Itself?


    reviews the Kingdom's plans to ween itself off of oil, and finds it lacking on the political front.

    Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Anadolu Agency

    In 2017, Saudi Arabia will continue to pursue two key goals: to reduce its economy's dependence on oil revenues and government spending; and to position the Kingdom as a regional hegemon that can meet any threat. The country's transformation will be difficult, but it is necessary, not least for regional stability.

Photo of Anatole Kaletsky
Issue Adviser 19

Trumping Capitalism?

 asks whether Trumpism represents a new economic model – and seeks answers from Martin Feldstein, Nobel laureates Edmund Phelps and Joseph Stiglitz, and other Project Syndicate contributors.

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