Thursday, June 29, 2017
  1. World Affairs

    One Country, One System

    Minxin Pei
  2. Politics

    The Changing Geopolitics of European Emotion

    Dominique Moisi

    The Changing Geopolitics of European Emotion


     believes that mounting pessimism in Britain gives France and Germany a new chance to lead the EU.

    Merkel and Macron Tobias Schwarz/Getty Images
    A new triangle of geopolitical emotion has emerged in Europe: Great Britain has ceased feeling superior to France, and France has stopped feeling inferior to Germany. The question is whether this sentimental transformation will ultimately reorder the balance of power in Europe, and possibly the world. READ MORE
  3. World Affairs

    China’s Hong Kong at 20

    Chris Patten
    World Affairs

    China’s Hong Kong at 20


     doubts that the "one country, two systems" model, flawed from the start, will survive.

    Xi Jinping Pool/Getty Images
    Negotiations with Chinese officials often turn into prolonged fights for every imaginable concession. But the real problem is that, contrary to what many believe, China's authorities do not always keep their promises, with Hong Kong's experience in the 20 years since the British handover being a case in point. READ MORE
  4. Business & Finance

    Who Does Business Represent?

    Ricardo Hausmann
    Business & Finance

    Who Does Business Represent?


     urges organizations that speak only for employers to re-conceive their mission.

    Corruption VANDERLEI ALMEIDA / Getty Images
    On whose behalf do business associations speak? It’s an increasingly urgent question, because while firms have radically changed how they think about themselves, business associations have yet to catch up, and the resulting lag is making capitalism less legitimate in many countries. READ MORE
  5. Politics

    Russia’s Oligarchs-in-Waiting

    Anders Åslund

    Russia’s Oligarchs-in-Waiting


     shows how Vladimir Putin has consolidated his power through intergenerational cronyism.

    Putin in Kremlin Alexei Druzhinin/Getty Images
    Through a process of brazen nepotism, Russian President Vladimir Putin has nationalized his country's elites, and consolidated his own power. As the better-known children of Russia’s previous generation of oligarchs have steadily left the country, the offspring of Putin’s cronies have taken their place. READ MORE


PS On Air: Chris Patten on a Life in Global Politics

Chris Patten , the last Governor of Hong Kong, discusses his memoir First Confession with Mark Leonard and François Bougon.

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