Saturday, February 25, 2017
  1. PS Focus

    Blair vs. Brexit

    PS Focus

    Blair vs. Brexit

    Newsart for Blair vs. Brexit
    Tony Blair has reopened both the debate about withdrawal from the EU and the deep wounds last June’s referendum inflicted on British politics. Anatole Kaletsky believes that Blair’s intervention may save not only Britain’s economy, but its democracy as well. READ MORE
  2. Economics

    Economists in Denial

    Robert Skidelsky

    Economists in Denial


     explains why the Bank of England's recent macroeconomic forecasts have been so wide of the mark.

    Bank UK John Keeble/Getty Images
    The Bank of England’s chief economist has blamed the failure of its forecasting models, which had predicted a major economic slowdown after last June's Brexit vote, on “irrational behavior.” But what seems irrational to a central bank, not to mention the City of London, may be perfectly rational for a "Leave" supporter. READ MORE
  3. Culture & Society

    Baltic Dread

    Imbi Paju
    Culture & Society

    Baltic Dread


     explains the growing fear of Russia in a fragile region with a freighted past.

    Tallinn, Estonia
    News media nowadays are rife with speculation about whether – if not when – US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will divide the world between them. The people of Estonia and the other Baltic states now fear being consigned to Russia’s sphere of influence yet again. READ MORE
  4. Culture & Society

    The Politics of Historicide

    Richard N. Haass
    Culture & Society

    The Politics of Historicide


     asks why states and revolutionaries target cultural artifacts – and what can be done to stop them.

    Palmyra Louai Beshara/Getty Images
    The Islamic State has made a point of destroying cultural artifacts that it deems insufficiently Islamic, but it is hardly the first group or state to take aim at the past. In fact, the eradication of statutes, manuscripts, and paintings occurs with a frequency that is as understandable as the practice is perverse. READ MORE
  5. Sustainability & Environment

    Checks and Balances Before Roads and Bridges

    Paolo Mauro
    Sustainability & Environment

    Checks and Balances Before Roads and Bridges


     proposes how to meet the urgent need for more, well-executed infrastructure investment worldwide.

    pedestrian bridge in detroit Kenneth Raymond/Getty Images
    In the 2016 American presidential election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agreed that the US economy is suffering from dilapidated infrastructure, and both called for greater investment in renovating and upgrading the country’s public capital stock. But infrastructure gaps are an even more urgent problem in the rest of the world. READ MORE


PS On Air with Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development, Columbia University discusses his new book, Building the New American Economy.

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