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    William H. Janeway on state-sponsored innovation, greentech, asset bubbles, and more

    William H. Janeway proposes a better approach to innovation-boosting state procurement, explains why financial speculation is vital to technological progress, highlights three recent developments that could transform capitalism, and more.
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    Chris Patten on Rishi Sunak, Taiwan, Chinese diplomacy, and more

    Chris Patten assesses the challenges British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces, anticipates more policy mistakes from Chinese President Xi Jinping, highlights two delusions that have distorted Western policymaking on China, and more.
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    Sergei Guriev on Putin, populism, Chinese repression, and more

    Sergei Guriev assesses the strength of the Russian president’s grip on power, predicts that Xi Jinping’s embrace of personalist rule will lead to policy missteps, urges the West to pursue a strategy of “adversarial engagement” toward modern dictators, and more.
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    Shashi Tharoor on India-Russia relations, the Quad, Ambedkar, and more

    Shashi Tharoor assesses prevailing Indian perceptions of the Ukraine War, criticizes India’s continued wariness of security pacts, touts affirmative-action programs that guarantee outcomes, not just access to opportunities, and more.
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    Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg on inflation targets, deglobalization, US-China tensions, and more

    Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg proposes politically feasible supply-side policies for tackling inflation, questions America’s approach to industrial policy, illuminates the complex relationship between trade and inequality, and more.
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    Read More: Most Recommended Reads of 2022

    PS Commentators agree on a few must-read books.
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    Saadia Zahidi on government spending, debt distress, the Iran protests, and more

    Saadia Zahidi argues that social-safety nets must be customized and targeted to ensure efficiency, advocates a more responsible approach to deficit reduction and fiscal consolidation, describes the complex recipe for helping countries reap the benefits of greater female labor-force participation, and more.
  9. basu52_Yuichiro Chino_getty Images_figures Yuichiro Chino/Getty Images

    Nouriel Roubini on stagflation, debt distress, financial innovation, and more

    Nouriel Roubini explains why advanced-economy central banks have only bad options, highlights barriers to tackling inequality, predicts that China’s growth slowdown will continue, and more.
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    Stephen S. Roach on US monetary tightening, China’s growth sacrifice, the Sino-American rivalry, and more

    Stephen S. Roach says the US Federal Reserve remains mired in the quicksand of excessive monetary accommodation, warns the Communist Party of China against “premature overreach,” proposes a three-pronged strategy for easing Sino-American tensions, and more.
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    Mariana Mazzucato on the energy crisis, the Inflation Reduction Act, REPower EU, and more

    Mariana Mazzucato reminds us that private green investment can be fickle, calls for more direct public financing of climate action, proposes policy interventions focused on “pre-distribution,” and more.
  12. GettyImages-534928704

    J. Bradford DeLong on US inflation, redistribution, economic dogma, and more

    J. Bradford DeLong explains how the US Federal Reserve is undermining market and investor confidence, urges US Democrats to uphold supply-side progressivism, and proposes a straightforward approach to addressing the problems of distribution and utilization.
  13. GettyImages-1357665229

    Werner Hoyer on REPower EU, climate adaptation, clean-tech innovation, and more

    Werner Hoyer emphasizes that European investments in LNG and pipeline gas are only a stopgap, views green hydrogen as central to a mutually beneficial partnership between Africa and Europe, touts the importance of modern financial instruments to mobilizing private capital in the fight against climate change, and more.

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