Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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The God of Carnage

In his first week in office, US President Donald Trump has begun wreaking havoc on the post-1945 world. Joschka Fischer, Nina Khrushcheva, Joseph Nye, and other Project Syndicate contributors navigate the emerging international disorder.

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PS On Air with Minxin Pei

[Listen to the podcast here.] Minxin Pei, author of China’s Crony Capitalism, discusses corruption, China’s global role, and China-India relations with Gavekal Dragonomics’ Co-Chairman, Anatole Kaletsky, François Bougon of Le Monde, and Sidin Vadukut from Mint.

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PS On Air with Nina Khrushcheva

[Listen to the podcast here.] Nina Khrushcheva, Professor at the New School, discusses truth, Russia, and the future for US-Russian relations with PS Contributing Editor John Andrews, Krister Paris from the Estonian newspaper Eesti Pärvaleht, and Arnout Brouwers from Holland’s de Volkskrant.

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PS On Air with Mark Leonard, Part 2

[Listen to the podcast version here.] Mark Leonard, Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, discusses Russia and the Obama legacy with PS contributing editor John Andrews and Slawomir Sierakowski of Krytyka Polityczna.

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