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  1. rodrik211_Xu WeijieVCG via Getty Images_chinashipbuilding Xu Weijie/VCG via Getty Images

    Industrial Policy Is Back. Now What?

    Featured in this Big Picture

    PS editors, Jakob Hafele, Célestin Monga, Tano Santos, Luigi Zingales, Dani Rodrik, James K. Galbraith

    How to design effective industrial policies has suddenly become a hot – and divisive – topic among economists and policymakers. Even those who agree that governments should intervene in the economy to bolster productivity, increase competitiveness, and tackle social and environmental challenges differ sharply on the details.

  2. op_stiglitz7_Elizabeth ServatynskaSuspilne UkraineJSC UAPBCGlobal Images Ukraine via Getty Images_ukrainereconstruction Elizabeth Servatynska/Suspilne Ukraine/JSC/ UAPBC/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

    The Way Forward for Ukraine’s Economy

    Joseph E. Stiglitz & Andrew Kosenko offer a roadmap for guiding the country's recovery and reconstruction during and after the war.
  3. james159_getty images-inflation Getty Images

    Joseph E. Stiglitz on inflation, freedom, neoliberalism, and more

    Joseph E. Stiglitz highlights four inflation risks associated with another Donald Trump administration, explains what US Republicans get wrong about freedom, identifies the principles that should guide a post-neoliberal agenda, and more.
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  5. op_norrlof2_z_weiGetty Images_petrodollar z_wei/Getty Images

    The Decline and Fall of the Petrodollar?

    Carla Norrlöf considers whether Saudi Arabia would ever move away from invoicing its oil trade in US dollars.
  6. op_wautier1_Feodora ChioseaGetty Images_corporategreed Feodora Chiosea/Getty Images
    Free to read

    The Profit Trap

    Jean-Baptiste Wautier considers why capitalism is creating problems instead of solving them, and how to save the system from itself.
  7. Shareholder capitalism Volkan Furuncu/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

    Todd G. Buchholz on US debt, Chinese trade practices, industrial policy, and more

    Todd G. Buchholz points out that not all the reasons for the US economy’s strong performance are positive, highlights the limits of antitrust enforcement, suggests that China is undermining both its own future growth and the world trading apparatus, and more.
  8. op_andrews7_Print CollectorPrint CollectorGetty Images_firstopiumwar Print Collector/Getty Images

    The Evolution of Empire

    John Andrews traces the enduring role of imperial power from the eighteenth century to the present.
  9. bp far right Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

    A Far-Right Resurgence in Europe?

    Featured in this Big Picture

    PS editors , Sławomir Sierakowski , Michael Ehrenreich , Zaki Laïdi , Philippe Legrain , Soňa Muzikárová , Slavoj Žižek

    Many observers breathed a sigh of relief at the results of the European Parliament elections, because the widely predicted far-right surge did not dislodge traditional conservatives. But even if far-right forces do not dominate the next European Parliament, they have gained ground, particularly in France and Germany. Can mainstream politicians and parties reverse this trend?

  10. op_benami1_LOUAI BESHARAAFP via Getty Images_syriaconflict Louai Beshara/AFP via Getty Images

    Anatomy of a Massacre

    Shlomo Ben-Ami considers what the 1860 massacre of Christians in Damascus can and cannot teach us about preventing genocide.
  11. GettyImages-2156649816 Photo by Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

    AI: Hope or Hype?

    Featured in this Big Picture

    Angela Huyue Zhang , S. Alex Yang , Michael R. Strain , Anne-Marie Slaughter , Avni Patel Thompson , Jamie Metzl , Simon Johnson , Eric Hazan , Daron Acemoglu

    Whether generative artificial intelligence will do more harm or good to our families, economies, and societies remains an open question. In devising strategies for harnessing the technology, optimism is undoubtedly warranted, but it should not come at the expense of realism.

  12. GettyImages-626268896

    Carla Norrlöf on NATO, the US dollar, the Gaza war, and more

    Carla Norrlöf advocates an expansion of NATO’s operational focus, suggests ways the US can enhance global confidence in the dollar, offers the Biden administration advice on how to respond to escalating tensions in the Middle East, and more.
  13. benghiat4 Getty Images

    The New-Old Authoritarianism

    Ruth Ben-Ghiat explains how Donald Trump and other “strongmen” leaders are dismantling democracy.
  14. bp industrial policy Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

    What Comes After Neoliberalism?

    Featured in this Big Question

    Mehrsa Baradaran, Anne O. Krueger, Mariana Mazzucato, Dani Rodrik, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Michael R. Strain

    Governments that had spent nearly a half-century preaching the virtues of free trade, deregulation, and hyperglobalization are now imposing import tariffs and export restrictions, adopting industrial policies, and lavishing subsidies on domestic firms in favored sectors, like green tech. With many observers heralding the death of neoliberalism, we asked PS commentators what comes next.

It is both the best and the worst of times for democracy – or at least for voting. Although a record-breaking four billion people across 76 countries will have cast ballots in elections this year, democratic institutions are increasingly under strain, and leading watchdogs warn of a broad-based global trend toward “autocratization.”

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