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What Is Inequality?

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The rubric of inequality contains multitudes, from disparities in material means to those affecting access to opportunities and outcomes both between and within countries. Given that all inequalities were not created equal, the challenge for egalitarians is to decide which ones really matter.

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    Boris’s Turn

    The “Britain Trump” is how the real one ineloquently described Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom’s new prime minister. If the label fits, the country could be poised precariously between disaster and catastrophe.

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    Waiting for Libra

    While other technology companies are encountering headwinds, Facebook continues to grow, suggesting that its recently announced cryptocurrency will enjoy a massive global user base. The only thing standing in the company’s way are financial regulators, assuming they aren't asleep at the wheel.

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    Why Populism?

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    1. Andrés Velasco

    With the rise in much of the West of forces espousing authoritarian nationalism, explaining the vulnerability of liberal democracy has become a cottage industry. A seemingly simple phenomenon has turned out to be rather complex, demanding a multidisciplinary approach.

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    EU, Onward

    The European Council’s choice of candidates to fill the top European Union jobs has brought temporary relief at a politically fraught moment.

    But the EU’s new leaders face a daunting challenge: persuading the bloc’s member states to work together toward the shared policies that all of them need.

  5. hong_kong_bp_GettyImages_1153298869 Anthony Kwan/Getty Images

    Occupy Hong Kong

    Another escalation in the standoff between protesters and the Hong Kong government has raised the stakes for both sides. Is a resolution still possible, given the deep roots and far-reaching implications of the confrontation?

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