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The Big Picture brings together 4-5 Project Syndicate commentaries not just on topics in the news, but also on the deeper issues driving the news. Thanks to the unique resources available to the world’s largest provider of original, high-quality commentary, with the Big Picture, readers quickly gain the insights of diverse, authoritative perspectives on critical global events and challenges. The Big Picture surrounds a topic – from unrest in Iran and US tax reform to green finance and the broader sustainability agenda – with curated presentations featuring the world’s leading thinkers, practitioners, policymakers, and statesmen, providing an immediate, yet comprehensive view of the day’s most urgent news and issues.

Featured in this Big Picture
  1. Jayati Ghosh,
  2. Eswar Prasad,
  3. Arvind Subramanian,
  4. Shashi Tharoor

A mounting feud between Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and the Reserve Bank of India has raised concerns about India’s financial stability and long-term growth prospects. With the RBI already struggling to manage a challenging macroeconomic environment, much will depend on whether it can stay above the political fray.

  1. Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Mohamed A. El-Erian,
    2. Jim O'Neill,
    3. Lucrezia Reichlin,
    4. Paola Subacchi

    The split between Italy's populist government and the European Union has raised fears of another euro crisis. Even assuming that both sides are willing to negotiate, is a compromise still possible?

  2. Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Kaushik Basu,
    2. Ian Buruma,
    3. Christophe Deloire,
    4. Shirin Ebadi,
    5. Barry Eichengreen,
    6. Dani Rodrik,
    7. Joseph E. Stiglitz

    With millions more ballots being cast for Democrats than for Republicans in the US midterm elections, Americans have signaled that they are through with one-party rule. But when it comes to defending democracy against strongman illiberalism, there is still a tough row to hoe.

  3. Jochen Zick - Pool / Getty Images
    Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Marcel Fratzscher,
    2. Philippe Legrain,
    3. Ashoka Mody,
    4. Yanis Varoufakis

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has long been regarded as an exponent of Western liberal-democratic values and a source of stability in the face of turmoil. Now that she is on her way out, what future awaits Germany, and the West generally?

  4. Chip Somodevilla/Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images
    Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Brahma Chellaney,
    2. Joseph S. Nye,
    3. Minxin Pei,
    4. Stephen S. Roach,
    5. Michael Spence,
    6. Ngaire Woods

    Through escalating tariffs and increasingly strident rhetoric, the Trump administration has opened a dark new chapter in Sino-American relations. Whether China and the US are heading for a new cold war, "strategic competition," or some other form of rivalry, it is clear that the days of "constructive engagement" are over.

  5. Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images
    Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Shlomo Avineri,
    2. Barak Barfi,
    3. Nina L. Khrushcheva,
    4. Daoud Kuttab

    Since suddenly rising to power as the successor to the Saudi throne, Mohammed bin Salman has regularly tested the international community's patience with his brutality and impetuousness. Could his role in the alleged assassination of a Saudi journalist be the straw that breaks the Kingdom's back?

  6. Carsten Koall/Getty Images
    Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Monica Araya,
    2. Carl Bildt,
    3. May Boeve,
    4. Christiana Figueres,
    5. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez,
    6. Peter Singer,
    7. Vinod Thomas

    The latest report from the United Nations science task force on climate change has fallen on deaf ears in the White House, even as its dire forecasts have rightly caused alarm in most other capitals. The question now is whether it will serve as the wake-up call the world needs.

    Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Otaviano Canuto,
    2. Jorge G. Castañeda,
    3. Robert Muggah,
    4. Luiz Felipe d'Avila

    As expected, the right-wing populist Jair Bolsonaro captured a significant share of the vote in the first round of Brazil's presidential election this weekend. If he wins the second round, Brazilian democracy is unlikely to survive.

  8. Wikipedia
    Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Joyce Banda,
    2. Gordon Brown,
    3. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,
    4. Homi Kharas,
    5. Rebecca Winthrop,
    6. PS editors

    Global health, gender equality, and education were among the topics high on the agenda at the United Nations General Assembly meeting this week. On each count, it is clear that progress has been made, but that much more needs to be done.

  9. Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Rob Johnson,
    2. George Soros,
    3. Lawrence H. Summers

    The tenth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers has occasioned a new round soul-searching about the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath. In this PS Counterpoint, Lawrence H. Summers rebuts the claims recently made by Rob Johnson and George Soros, who argued that the Obama administration should have gone further in pursuing mortgage-debt relief.

  10. MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images
    Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Anatole Kaletsky,
    2. Anne O. Krueger,
    3. Minxin Pei,
    4. Jeffrey D. Sachs

    With President Donald Trump's announcement of additional import tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, the brewing economic dispute between the US and China has become a full-blown trade war. When and how will it end?

  11. Fairfax Media via Getty Images
    Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Stephanie Blankenburg,
    2. Sebastian Buckup,
    3. Jayati Ghosh,
    4. Richard Kozul-Wright,
    5. Dalia Marin,
    6. Pascal Salin,
    7. Simon Tilford

    Over the past few decades, a narrow cohort of multinational corporations has managed to secure as much influence as governments in determining how the global economy operates. The danger – a world with many losers, and only a few winners – should be obvious.

  12. Mario Tama/Getty Images
    Featured in this Big Picture
    1. Howard Davies,
    2. Jeffrey Frankel,
    3. Harold James,
    4. Richard Kozul-Wright,
    5. Jim O'Neill,
    6. Carmen M. Reinhart

    The collapse of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008, along with its aftermath, shook the global economy to its core, and forced policymakers and academics to ask why so few had seen it coming. But after a decade of recovery, has the complacency of the pre-crisis era returned?

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