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europe_defense_bp_GettyImages1186404142 Steve Parsons - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Europe for Europe’s Sake

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Following Turkey’s spurning of its Western allies in Syria and an abortive NATO summit this month, the transatlantic alliance seems to have hit a new political low. Is French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent lament about NATO’s “brain death” becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy?

  1. us_china_attrition_GettyImages987307108 Getty Images

    The Sino-American Attrition

    Both US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping would benefit from a face-saving deal to end the ongoing trade war. But even if Trump and Xi manage to ease tensions in the short term, the future of the two countries’ economic relationship remains in doubt.

  2. bomb_is_back_bp_GettyImages083578222 Getty Images

    The Bomb Is Back

    At a time of shifting global power balances and asymmetric threats, the risk of a conflict involving nuclear weapons has increased to a level few would have anticipated just a decade ago. Are we headed back to the bad old days of hair-trigger warnings and mutually assured destruction?

  3. dollar_war2_bp_2GettyImages721804641 Getty Images

    The Dollar Goes to War

    To many observers, America’s “weaponization” of the dollar against China, the European Union, and others looks like yet another example of President Donald Trump abusing his power. The question is whether anyone can – or will – do anything about it.

  4. GettyImages-118895948 CHUTE DU MUR BERLIN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

    The Fall After the Wall

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    1. Kristen R. Ghodsee,
    2. Mitchell A. Orenstein,
    3. George Soros

    When the celebrations in Berlin 30 years ago brought down the curtain on the Cold War and on communism in Europe, Western-style liberal democracy seemed to have emerged victorious. But the rise of new (and older) political forces in post-communist Europe has left the triumphalist narrative in tatters.

  5. taxmancommeth_GettyImages1084261152 Getty Images

    The Taxman Cometh

    Although public support for more ambitious climate policies and an expanded safety net is growing in developed countries, implementing such measures means that taxes will go up. The question is whose, and how much political power they wield.

  6. global_africa_bp_GettyImages171268866 Getty Images

    Global Africa?

    By the end of the century, Africa will be home to 40% of humanity, as well as many of the fastest-growing megacities in the world. But can the continent become a source of strength and stability within the world economy?

  7. central_bank_bp_GettyImages182903161 Getty Images

    No Game in Town?

    Ever since advanced economies renounced fiscal stimulus in favor of austerity following the 2008 financial crisis, central banks have been the sole guardians of growth and macroeconomic stability. But now they are running out of firepower – as well as ideas.

  8. macron_putin_bp_GettyImages1152506522 Mikhail Klimentyev\TASS via Getty Images

    To Russia With Love

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    1. Ana Palacio

    French President Emmanuel Macron has launched a new round of diplomacy with the Kremlin after years of a deep freeze caused by Russia’s actions in Ukraine. With new leadership in both the European Union and Ukraine, is Russia ready to come back in from the cold?

  9. geoengineering_bp_GettyImages973103504 Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    A Climate Silver Bullet?

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    1. David Keith,
    2. Ban Ki-moon,
    3. François Martel,
    4. Karin Nansen,
    5. Silvia Ribeiro,
    6. Barbara Unmüßig

    Many believe that cutting greenhouse-gas emissions won’t happen fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change. But can we really engineer our way out of existential trouble, or is global warming an irreducibly political challenge requiring far-reaching social and economic change?