Social Media & Communications Associate

The Social Media & Communications Associate (SMCA) at Project Syndicate is tasked with helping to grow our reader base, engage with key audiences across multiple platforms while maintaining editorial voice and quality, and increase awareness about our content and mission. The successful candidate will lead the development and execution of an audience engagement strategy that relies heavily upon social media and other digital communication channels and will help refine our editorial and subscription offerings for the digital sphere. The SCMA will work closely with our editorial, digital, and marketing teams to develop and implement strategies to expand our reach globally.

The successful candidate will have a good understanding of the media market and current trends in digital content marketing and advertising, and how they impact business strategies. This role affords the opportunity to help shape digital strategy, increase awareness about our content and mission, and expand our business. Because this is a new role, flexibility, the ability to work autonomously, and the drive and willingness to chart a new direction amid shifting responsibilities and priorities is paramount.

Core Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute an ongoing, dynamic, and cohesive strategy for engaging with current readers and increasing audience and subscription revenue
  • Create, implement, and oversee social media and digital marketing plans that achieve organizational objectives
  • Help position new editorial offerings on the Project Syndicate website and social media feeds
  • Analyze data from Google Analytics, CrowdTangle, Twitter Analytics, and other reporting tools to develop actionable insights and adjust strategy accordingly
  • Assist in the creation, curation, and posting of content to our social media channels

Key Skills/Experience (required)

  • 3+ years of experience in news media, journalism, social media marketing, and/or public relations
  • 1+ years in a strategic role developing and aligning digital and social media plans to broader communications strategies
  • Passion for the news and current events
  • Demonstrated track record of successfully launching/expanding social media campaigns through all established (and emerging) social channels
  • Detailed knowledge of and experience working with a number of digital and data management technologies
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously with a high level of detail
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Native-level English

Key Skills/Experience (preferred)

  • 1-3 years of experience in the media industry
  • Proven track record running social for major media outlets or brands
  • 1+ year experience conducting/analyzing/presenting market research
  • SEO and PPC experience

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