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Emerging Market Meltdown

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Fears over China's economic slowdown, together with a looming increase in US interest rates and growing political instability, have sent investors scurrying out of emerging markets. Is this merely a momentary reversal, or have emerging markets become a bad long-term bet?

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  1. The Great Emerging-Market Bubble
    India flood  house submerged Prabhat Kumar Verma/ZumaPress

    The Great Emerging-Market Bubble

    Aug 17, 2015 Bill Emmott identifies weak political institutions as the main culprit behind economic stagnation.

  2. Oil’s New Normal
    Shale crude oil pipeline Paul Edmondson/ZumaPress

    Oil’s New Normal

    Aug 14, 2015 Mohamed A. El-Erian takes stock of an energy market that must adjust to a new swing producer.

  3. Back to Fundamentals in Emerging Markets
    India children slum school Ritesh Shukla/ZumaPress

    Back to Fundamentals in Emerging Markets

    Aug 13, 2015 Dani Rodrik advises investors to distinguish among economies that, for 15 years, were wrongly lumped together.

  4. The Future for Emerging Markets
    bright future Alex Abian/Flickr

    The Future for Emerging Markets

    Jun 30, 2015 Laura Tyson explains why investors should look past recent poor performance in emerging market economies.

  5. Emerging Markets After the Fed Hikes Rates
    Fed chair Janet Yellen Yin Bogu/ZumaPress

    Emerging Markets After the Fed Hikes Rates

    Jun 29, 2015 Nouriel Roubini believes that most countries are resilient enough to withstand US monetary-policy tightening.

  6. Will Fed Tightening Choke Emerging Markets?
    Dollar currency bundle Xinhua/ZumaPress

    Will Fed Tightening Choke Emerging Markets?

    Mar 23, 2015 Jeffrey Frankel shows which countries are most vulnerable to capital-flow reversal when US interest rates rise.

  1. fuhr16_LOIC VENANCEAFP via Getty Images_climateprotest Loic Venance/AFP via Getty Images

    Debunking Solar Geoengineering

    Lili Fuhr argues that solar geoengineering is no substitute for phasing out fossil fuels.
  2. qian26_ NOEL CELISAFP via Getty Images_chinapoliceprotests Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images

    What China’s Zero-COVID Drama Foreshadows

    Nancy Qian thinks the recent protests – and the government's response – point to a broader political challenge.
  3. coyle28_JOSEP LAGOAFP via Getty Images_semiconductors JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images

    The Double Transformation

    Diane Coyle urges antitrust regulators to update their thinking to accommodate the net-zero transition.
  4. op_evans3_Anthony KwanGetty Image_equalityhumanrights Anthony Kwan/Getty Images

    Revitalizing the Struggle for Human Rights

    Gareth Evans

    Around the world, indicators of the strength of democracy and the protection of human rights have been falling, even in countries that have long championed such values. But while pessimists have the wind at their back, optimists still have the stronger argument.

    offers eight principles to guide advocates as they try to put progress back on track.
  5. BP - china protests Kevin Frayer / Stringer via Getty Images

    The Zero-COVID Revolution?

    After tens of thousands of Chinese took to the streets in cities throughout the country, China’s government has begun to loosen pandemic restrictions. But, while an exit from the controversial zero-COVID policy was long overdue, the path ahead is strewn with pitfalls, and hopes for a sustained wave of Chinese popular resistance are likely misplaced.

  6. feingold1_Special Envoy for Biodiversity and Water Resources_us national park George Rose/Getty Images

    What US Leadership Can Do for Nature

    Russ Feingold shows how America can contribute to conservation despite its failure to ratify the biodiversity convention.
  7. songwe7_Tony KARUMBA  AFP) (Photo by TONY KARUMBAAFP via Getty Images_climate Photo by TONY KARUMBA/AFP via Getty Images

    The Global Climate-Finance Challenge

    Vera Songwe, et al. show how to mobilize the funding developing countries will need to avert the worst effects of global warming.
  8. stiglitz313_FREDERIC J. BROWNAFP via Getty Images_USgas Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

    All Pain and No Gain from Higher Interest Rates

    Joseph E. Stiglitz explains why the current demand-focused approach to taming inflation is all wrong.
  9. ortiz6_STEFANI REYNOLDSAFP via Getty Images_austerity imf STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images

    Ending the Austerity Pandemic

    Isabel Ortiz & Matthew Cummins warn that governments are returning to the same failed belt-tightening policies of the past.

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