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Shlomo Ben-Ami

Shlomo Ben-Ami

Writing for PS since 2006
194 commentaries

Shlomo Ben-Ami, a former Israeli foreign minister, is Vice President of the Toledo International Center for Peace and the author of Prophets without Honor: The 2000 Camp David Summit and the End of the Two-State Solution (Oxford University Press, 2022).

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  1. Who Is Winning the War in Ukraine?
    benami193_Wolfgang Kummpicture alliance via Getty Images_f-35 germany Wolfgang Kumm/picture alliance via Getty Images

    Who Is Winning the War in Ukraine?

    Sep 16, 2022 Shlomo Ben-Ami argues that the United States needs to curtail defense contractors' influence over its foreign policy.

  2. What Was Different About the Latest Gaza Fighting?
    benami192_Fatima ShbairGetty Images_gaza Fatima Shbair/Getty Images

    What Was Different About the Latest Gaza Fighting?

    Aug 12, 2022 Shlomo Ben-Ami assesses whether Hamas's growing pragmatism will enable the negotiation of a durable truce with Israel.

  3. Talking Peace in Ukraine
    benami191_Alexey FurmanGetty Images_zelenskymacronscholz Alexey Furman/Getty Images

    Talking Peace in Ukraine

    Jul 15, 2022 Shlomo Ben-Ami highlights the deepening cracks in the West's campaign against Russia.

  4. Israel's Endless Occupation
    benami190_ YOUSSEF MASSOUDAFP via Getty Images_israelpalestine Youssef Massoud/AFP via Getty Images

    Israel's Endless Occupation

    Jun 17, 2022 Shlomo Ben-Ami offers a bleak assessment of peace prospects in the wake of the Jerusalem Day violence last month.

  5. Shlomo Ben-Ami on the Ukraine war, Israeli-Arab relations, Palestinian resistance, and more

    Shlomo Ben-Ami on the Ukraine war, Israeli-Arab relations, Palestinian resistance, and more

    May 24, 2022 Shlomo Ben-Ami highlights the lessons countries like China and Iran are drawing from Vladimir Putin’s aggression, offers advice to Ukrainian peace negotiators, and considers the wisdom of Finland and Sweden's NATO membership.

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  1. pagliarini1_ MICHAEL DANTASAFP via Getty Images_lula MICHAEL DANTAS/AFP via Getty Images

    Bolsonarismo After Bolsonaro

    Andre Pagliarini suspects the Brazilian president knows he is heading for defeat in October’s election.
  2. patten145_Dan KitwoodGetty Images)_liztruss Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

    The Faith-Based Reaganomics of Liz Truss

    Chris Patten

    The UK government's new fiscal plan is as reckless as it is ideological. In the face of recession and surging prices, Prime Minister Liz Truss and her Conservative government have chosen to disregard fiscal responsibility in favor of outdated neoliberal theories, raising the risk of a full-blown economic crisis.

    argues that the UK government's new fiscal plan is reckless and may lead to an economic crisis.
  3. khapaeva4_ContributorGetty Images_putin Contributor/Getty Images

    Putin’s New Nuclear Blackmail

    Dina Khapaeva urges Western leaders not to give in to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats.
  4. mueller40_Jim Lo Scalzo-PoolGetty Images_bolsonaro trump Jim Lo Scalzo-Pool/Getty Images

    Why Populists Don’t Concede

    Jan-Werner Mueller explains the political logic of fraudulently crying “fraud” in response to an electoral loss.
  5. ito19_ RICHARD A. BROOKSAFP via Getty Images_boj yen depreciation RICHARD A. BROOKS/AFP via Getty Images

    The Challenge of Monetary Tightening

    Takatoshi Ito identifies the main risks raised by central banks’ efforts to rein in inflation.
  6. wagner12_ ArterraUniversal Images Group via Getty Images_melting polar ice Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    The High Stakes of Climate-Risk Accounting

    Gernot Wagner & Tom Brookes show why economists can no longer ignore the need for a far more comprehensive set of welfare indicators.
  7. elerian151_ Scott OlsonGetty Images_inflation Scott Olson/Getty Images

    The Cost of the Fed’s Challenged Credibility

    Mohamed A. El-Erian

    After previously eschewing interest-rate hikes, the US Federal Reserve has been tightening monetary policy at an unprecedented rate. But the current market turmoil and the central bank’s own revised projections show that a great deal of damage has already been done.

    interprets the latest market tumult as the price of delaying monetary-policy tightening for too long.
  8. roach143_Drew AngererGetty Images_jerome powell Drew Angerer/Getty Images

    Core Dangers for the Fed and China

    Stephen S. Roach thinks the US central bank and Chinese governance share a conceptual weakness leading to major policy blunders.
  9. haldar13_Jens Büttnerpicture alliance via Getty Images Jens Büttner/picture alliance via Getty Images

    Amazon’s Satanic Mills

    Antara Haldar sees recent unionization efforts as a welcome response to an unethical and inhumane business model.

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