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Revolutions on the Rocks

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Two years after a wave of revolts roiled the Arab world, deposing leaders in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, many of their objectives remain unfulfilled ­– and, in some cases, are more distant than ever. How can the Arab Spring countries achieve their goals and stabilize the region?

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  1. brown76_Tafadzwa UfumeliGetty Images_africacovidvaccine Tafadzwa Ufumeli/Getty Images

    The Global North's Great Test

    Gordon Brown

    After publicly committing to help vaccinate the rest of the world, wealthy, highly vaccinated countries have yet to deliver on their promise, and are now poised to let millions of doses go to waste. Without urgent action to correct this injustice, the West's moral standing will suffer permanent damage.

    thinks a failure to redistribute surplus vaccines would permanently damage the West's credibility.
  2. op_evans71_LSIS Leo BaumgartnerAustralian Defence Force via Getty Images_australiasubmarine LSIS Leo Baumgartner/Australian Defence Force via Getty Images
    Subscriber Exclusive

    The Real Risks of Australia's Submarine Deal

    Gareth Evans

    While the new AUKUS agreement between Australia, the US, and the UK presents little proliferation or safety risk, it does entail what can be broadly described as political risks. And the most important threat may be to Australia's own sovereignty.

    explains why most of the dangers implied by the new AUKUS agreement with the US and the UK can be minimized.

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