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Donald Rumsfeld (1932 – 2021)

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Donald Rumsfeld (1932-2021), twice US secretary of defense and a former chief of staff to President Gerald Ford, was one of America’s great bureaucratic infighters, famously undermining Henry Kissinger’s negotiating position during the START II talks with the USSR. Although Rumsfeld presided over the Iraq War debacle, his greatest claim to fame my well turn out to be his exposition about “known and unknown unknowns.”

  1. op_chirot1_Win McNameeGetty Images_university Win McNamee/Getty Images
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    Higher Education and the Crisis of Democracy

    Daniel Chirot

    Three recent books by established academics add to the chorus of those decrying the slow and steady death of what used to be called a “liberal education.” Because a proper understanding of history and human complexity is necessary for democracy, Daniel Chirot of the University of Washington thinks the authors are right to worry.

    reviews three recent books that aim to defend liberal education in an age of anti-liberal extremes.
  2. Ukraine map naruedom/iStock/Getty Images Plus
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    Putin’s Poker

    History looms large in the current high-stakes standoff between Russia and the West over Ukraine, and a wide range of outcomes remains possible. How hard a line toward the Kremlin should the leading Western powers take, and can they present a united front?


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