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  1. Vanessa Fajans-Turner is Director of SDG Costing and Financing for Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

  2. Jorge Faurie is Foreign Minister of Argentina.

  3. Liza Featherstone is a journalist and professor who writes frequently on labor and student activism. She is the author of Divining Desire: Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation

  4. Lars P. Feld

    Lars P. Feld

    1 Commentary

    Lars P. Feld, Professor of Economics at the University of Freiburg, is Director of the Walter Eucken Institute and outgoing Chairman of the German Council of Economic Experts.

  5. Noah Feldman is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, and one of the legal scholars who testified before Congress during the impeachment hearings for Donald J. Trump. 

  6. Michael Ferrari

    Michael Ferrari

    1 Commentary

    Michael Ferrari is Managing Partner at Atlas Research Innovations and a senior fellow at the Wharton School.

  7. Benita Ferrero-Waldner, a former Foreign Minister of Austria, has been European Union Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighborhood Policy since 2004, and is a candidate for the post of UNESCO Director-General.

  8. Econ Films is a specialist agency and broadcaster, making videos and films about current affairs and politics, finance and business – and of course, economics.

  9. Michèle Flournoy, a former US under secretary of defense for policy, is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WestExec Advisors, and a co-founder and former CEO of the Center for a New American Security.

  10. Timothy M. Frye is Professor of Post-Soviet Foreign Policy at Columbia University, and the author of Weak Strongman: The Limits of Power in Putin’s Russia.

  11. Silvio O. Funtowicz is a philosopher of science and the author, with Jerome R. Ravetz, of Uncertainty and Quality in Science for Policy.

  12. Andre Fontaine

    Andre Fontaine

    Writing for PS since 1995
    7 Commentaries

    Former Editor-in-Chief, "Le Monde."

  13. John Flemming

    Writing for PS since 1997
    1 Commentary

    Warden of Wadham College, Oxford.

  14. Zsuzsa Ferge

    Writing for PS since 1997
    1 Commentary

    Professor of Sociology, Eotvos University, Budapest.

  15. Milton Friedman

    Milton Friedman

    Writing for PS since 1997
    3 Commentaries

    Milton Friedman (1912-2006), a Nobel laureate in economics and Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, served on President Ronald Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board.

  1. op_shore1_Metin AktasAnadolu Agency via Getty Images_ukrainewar Metin Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
    Free to read

    The Language of Ukrainian Resistance

    Volodymyr Rafeyenko interviewed by Marci Shore

    The war in Ukraine has raised profound questions of political identity and its relationship to language. What happens to a novelist who writes in the invaders' tongue but no longer has anything to say to them in it?

    discuss the politics of language and literature, and the experience of being a refugee in one’s own country.
  2. crypto decline tommy/Getty Images
    Subscriber Exclusive

    Is Crypto in Terminal Decline?

    Some have long argued that private digital money and the technology underpinning it will revolutionize finance in the long term. But with Bitcoin plunging, stablecoins collapsing, and crypto lenders freezing withdrawals, we asked PS commentators whether the industry has a future.

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