Friday, October 28, 2016
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Newsart for The Forgotten Twentieth-Century
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The Forgotten Twentieth-Century

Ordinary Europeans long trusted elites with the business of democracy – and even seemed to prefer unelected elites. If they now want to modify the social contract, change ought to be based on a clear,… read more

Newsart for What Does Germany Want?
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What Does Germany Want?

In foreign-policy terms, post-war West Germany – and, later, reunified Germany – was utterly predictable: never against the West; always for more Europe. Now, the “Berlin Republic,” while more secure … read more

Newsart for The Ethics of Citizenship Tests
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The Ethics of Citizenship Tests

Over the last decade, tests and exams for immigrants have proliferated – especially, but not only, in Europe - but so have controversies about what they may legitimately ask. Such tests can be empower… read more

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