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Elias Papaioannou

Elias Papaioannou

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Elias Papaioannou is Academic Director of the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development and Professor of Economics at the London Business School.

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  1. European Colonialism in Africa Is Alive
    op_michalopoulos1_The Print CollectorGetty Images_colonialafricamap The Print Collector/Getty Images

    European Colonialism in Africa Is Alive

    Jul 30, 2021 Stelios Michalopoulos & Elias Papaioannou trace the ongoing social, economic, and political consequences of the centuries-long exploitation of Africa.

  2. The Enduring Populist Threat
    op_guriev1_Jon CherryGetty Images_capitol riot Jon Cherry/Getty Images

    The Enduring Populist Threat

    Mar 19, 2021 Sergei Guriev & Elias Papaioannou advise policymakers on how to prevent the COVID-19 shock from triggering another political tsunami.

  3. Clearing the Ground for Post-Conflict Reconstruction
    chiovelli1_Allison JoyceGetty Images_landmines Allison Joyce/Getty Images

    Clearing the Ground for Post-Conflict Reconstruction

    Apr 11, 2019 Giorgio Chiovelli, et al. show that targeted demining efforts can yield far-reaching economic benefits in post-conflict zones.

  4. Mapmaking and Warmongering in Africa
    papaioannou3_Brent Stirton_Getty Images_Iraq Police Brent Stirton/ Getty Images

    Mapmaking and Warmongering in Africa

    Jun 29, 2016 Stelios Michalopoulos & Elias Papaioannou show how the colonial powers' partitioning of the continent has undermined its development.

  5. Greece’s Imperfect Imperative
    Ancient Agora Museum Athens Dave Anteh/Flickr

    Greece’s Imperfect Imperative

    Jul 21, 2015 Lucrezia Reichlin, et al. challenge the country’s leaders – and its creditors – to make the recent deal work.

  1. skidelsky200_Getty Images_speech Getty Images

    The Language of Political Control

    Robert Skidelsky views recent linguistic innovations as manipulative efforts to compel “correct” thought and perception.
  2. basu101_Alfonso Sangiao iStock  Getty Images Plus_voting Alfonso Sangiao/iStock / Getty Images Plus

    Globalization vs. Democracy

    Kaushik Basu highlights the contradictions and vulnerabilities inherent in the current international order.
  3. coyle36 Alishia AbodundeGetty Images INFRASTRUCTURE Alishia Abodunde/Getty Images

    The West’s New Infrastructure Imperative

    Diane Coyle explains why a broader conception of the term could reflect a renewed interest in investing in the future.
  4. bp iran israel Photo by Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu via Getty Images

    An Iran-Israel War?

    Iran’s mass ballistic missile and drone attack on Israel last week raised anew the specter of a widening Middle East war that draws in Iran and its proxies, as well as Western countries like the United States. The urgent need to defuse tensions – starting by ending Israel’s war in Gaza and pursuing a lasting political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – is obvious, but can it be done?

  5. nasheed3_MANDEL NGANAFP via Getty Images_georgieva MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

    What a Climate-Aligned IMF Would Look Like

    Mohamed Nasheed & Rakesh Mohan explain how the managing director can fully position the institution to help the most vulnerable countries.
  6. ghosh76_Kristin Palitzapicture alliance via Getty Images_afrigen Kristin Palitza/picture alliance via Getty Images

    The Key to Transforming African Health

    Jayati Ghosh highlights efforts to foster scientific innovation and drug manufacturing on the continent.
  7. op_roach3_ Kevin FrayerGetty Images_china lagging consumption Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

    China’s Rebalancing Imperative

    Stephen S. Roach

    The most successful development stories almost always involve major shifts in the sources of economic growth, which in turn allow economies to reinvent themselves out of necessity or by design. In China, the interplay of mounting external pressures, lagging household consumption, and falling productivity will increasingly shape China’s policy choices in the years ahead.

    explains why the Chinese authorities should switch to a consumption- and productivity-led growth model.
  8. castaneda88_GERARDO MENOSCALAFP via Getty Images_latin america safety GERARDO MENOSCAL/AFP via Getty Images

    From Welfare State to Safe State in Latin America

    Jorge G. Castañeda & Carlos Ominami

    Designing a progressive anti-violence strategy that delivers the safety for which a huge share of Latin Americans crave is perhaps the most difficult challenge facing many of the region’s governments. But it is also the most important.

    urge the region’s progressives to start treating security as an essential component of social protection.
  9. ocampo57_Celal GunesAnadolu Agency via Getty Images_imf Celal Gunes/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

    The Urgency of Sovereign-Debt Restructuring

    José Antonio Ocampo highlights the need for a comprehensive mechanism to deliver relief to low- and middle-income countries.

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