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Anatole Kaletsky

Anatole Kaletsky

Writing for PS since 1995
78 commentaries
3 videos & podcasts

Anatole Kaletsky, Chief Economist and Co-Chairman of Gavekal Dragonomics, is the author of Capitalism 4.0: The Birth of a New Economy in the Aftermath of Crisis (PublicAffairs, 2011).

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  1. The Global Echoes of a British Near-Collapse
    kaletsky7_Carl CourtGetty Images_liz truss Carl Court/Getty Images

    The Global Echoes of a British Near-Collapse

    Oct 11, 2022 Anatole Kaletsky identifies four features of the UK’s new economic policy that other countries may end up considering.

  2. Will Truss Rehabilitate Keynes?
    kaletsky76_Leon NealGetty Images_truss kwarteng Leon Neal/Getty Images

    Will Truss Rehabilitate Keynes?

    Sep 6, 2022 Anatole Kaletsky cautions against dismissing the incoming British prime minister’s radically unorthodox economic-policy agenda.

  3. Why Are Financial Markets So Complacent?
    kaletsky75_Spencer PlattGetty Images_investor confidence Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    Why Are Financial Markets So Complacent?

    Aug 1, 2022 Anatole Kaletsky thinks investors’ current overconfidence about the global economy’s prospects reflects four cognitive biases.

  4. An Interview with Anatole Kaletsky
    rodrik179_ ANGELA WEISSAFP via Getty Images_biden workers Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

    An Interview with Anatole Kaletsky

    Jan 19, 2021 Anatole Kaletsky highlights three reasons Joe Biden could govern effectively, offers a bleak outlook for post-Brexit Britain, and identifies the biggest investment risks on the horizon.

  5. Why Biden Can Overcome Political Gridlock
    kaletsky73_Alex WongGetty Images_white house Alex Wong/Getty Images

    Why Biden Can Overcome Political Gridlock

    Nov 13, 2020 Anatole Kaletsky sees five reasons why the US president-elect is in a stronger position than the conventional wisdom admits.

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  1. sinn109_ DANIEL ROLANDAFP via Getty Images_financial crisis DANIEL ROLAND/AFP via Getty Images

    Accounting for Casino Capitalism

    Hans-Werner Sinn draws parallels between recent bank collapses and the late-nineteenth-century “founders’ crash.”
  2. zadek25_ FABRICE COFFRINIAFP via Getty Images_creditsuisseUBS Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images

    Who Should Be Bailed Out Next?

    Simon Zadek urges rich-country governments to aid debt-distressed poor countries as urgently as they have their failing banks.
  3. callegari1_Getty Images_crowd population Getty Images

    The Population Boon

    Beniamino Callegari & Per Espen Stoknes correct popular myths about the threat of demographic growth to sustainable development.
  4. songwe8_NIPAH DENNISAFP via Getty Images_ghana NIPAH DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images

    Where Is the Global South’s Rescue Brigade?

    Vera Songwe decries the unequal responses to liquidity crises in Silicon Valley compared to the developing world.
  5. slaughter96_melitasGetty Images_cooperative melitas/Getty Images

    Beyond Industrial Policy

    Anne-Marie Slaughter & Elizabeth Garlow

    The emerging breed of industrial policies, which emphasize production, fair wages, and localism, could serve as the basis for post-neoliberal economies. But to tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century and ensure a sustainable future, we need a policy framework that recognizes the value of human connection.

    make the case for an economic strategy that prioritizes shared prosperity over competition.
  6. afrasmussen17_TOFIK BABAYEVAFP via Getty Images_armeniaazerbaijanconflict Tofik Babayev/AFP via Getty Images

    The Other Conflict on Europe’s Doorstep

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen warns that Azerbaijan may be preparing to renew its military aggression against neighboring Armenia.
  7. varoufakis101_Justin SullivanGetty Images_svb Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Let the Banks Burn

    Yanis Varoufakis

    The banking system we take for granted is unfixable. The good news is that we no longer need to rely on any private, rent-seeking, socially destabilizing network of banks, at least not the way we have so far.

    shows why the current private system is unfixable – and why we don’t need to tolerate it anymore.
  8. roach151_ TIMOTHY A. CLARYAFP via Getty Images)_svb collapse TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)

    How China Benefits from Another US Banking Crisis

    Stephen S. Roach thinks America’s latest financial trouble will reinforce a narrative of terminal national decline.
  9. op_schell1_Andrea VerdelliGetty Images_xijinping Andrea Verdelli/Getty Images

    Xi Jinping’s Chinese Tragedy

    Orville Schell interviewed by Irena Grudzińska Gross about the country's increasingly worrisome trajectory, both at home and abroad.

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