Monday, July 24, 2017

Aleh Tsyvinski

Aleh Tsyvinski is Professor of Economics at Yale University.

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Newsart for Prisoners of the Red Army
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Prisoners of the Red Army

While all other large European countries abolished military conscription in recent decades, Russia continues with a system in which all physically-fit male citizens aged 18 to 27 must serve for 12 mon… read more

Newsart for That 70’s Show in Russia
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That 70’s Show in Russia

If oil prices remain at $70-80 per barrel, Russia is likely to relive key features of the Brezhnev era of the 1970’s and 1980’s – with a stagnating economy and 70-80% approval ratings for its politica… read more

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Can Russia be Saved?

The global economic crisis has finally forced Russia's government to adopt reasonable policies, thereby staving off disaster – at least for now. But the ossified, corrupt, inefficient economy built in… read more

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Moving Beyond Putinomics

President Dimitry Medvedev seems to understand that sustaining economic growth will not be easy: oil prices cannot rise forever, and the “low hanging fruit” of basic reform and prudent macroeconomic p… read more

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