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Value in the Age of AI

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  1. op_mahroum3_Visual China Group via Getty ImagesVisual China Group via Getty Images_automation production line Visual China Group via Getty Images

    Agents of Automation

    Sami Mahroum

    Bold, specific, and usually alarming predictions about automation and coming job losses obscure a basic fact: the future remains uncertain. Whether technology is used to liberate or enslave us is always ultimately the responsibility of the humans in charge.

    pushes back on the emerging consensus that whatever new technologies can do they inevitably will do.
  2. mahroum20_Andreas RentzGetty Images_dronedeliverydhl Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

    Automation and Human Agency

    Sami Mahroum advocates a new approach to technological innovation that would strengthen resilience to shocks like COVID-19.
  3. ruettinger1_Visual China Group via Getty ImagesVisual China Group via Getty Images_5Gchinadoctortechnology Visual China Group via Getty Images

    Globalizing the AI Revolution in Health Care

    Dominik Ruettinger calls for new worldwide standards to facilitate the collection of anonymized patient data for medical research.
  4. sgverhulst2_Patrick FotoGetty Images_citytechnologyconnection Patrick Foto/Getty Images

    Realizing the Potential of AI Localism

    Stefaan G. Verhulst & Mona Sloane explain how cities can take the lead in creating a governance framework for uses of artificial intelligence.
  5. richter1_Edmond SoSouth China Morning Post via Getty Images_chinaantfinancialalipaydigitaltech Edmond So/South China Morning Post via Getty Images

    The Power of AI in Emerging Markets

    Frank-Jürgen Richter explains why not only developed economies stand to benefit from broad adoption of artificial intelligence.
  6. komlosy1_uzenzenGettyImages_robotpersonconflict uzenzen/GettyImages

    Why AI Will Not Abolish Work

    Andrea Komlosy calls for a rethink of what counts as economically valuable activity as new technologies displace paid labor.
  7. brown61_Malte Mueller Getty Images_womancomputerdata Malte Mueller/Getty Images

    Closing the Education-Technology Gap

    Gordon Brown & Anant Agarwal show how online platforms can be used to furnish the skills needed for a rapidly changing labor market.
  8. sargent1_Wenjie Dong Getty Images_AIdatahuman Wenjie Dong/Getty Images

    The AI Frontier of Economic Theory

    Thomas J. Sargent anticipates that big data and artificial intelligence will lead to new models of behavior and outcomes.
  9. agar3_gettyimages_humanrobotheadsline Getty Images
    Free to read

    Automating Segregation

    Nicholas Agar worries that involuntary social interactions will be one of the casualties of the digital economy.

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  1. GettyImages-1243621433 ALEXANDER NEMENOV / Contributor via Getty Images

    Is Putin in Peril?

    From alternate-reality annexations to fresh nuclear threats, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems more desperate than ever to project an image of strength after a string of battlefield defeats. As Ukrainian forces advance on Russian-occupied territories and hundreds of thousands of draft-age Russian men flee the Kremlin’s “partial mobilization,” we asked PS commentators to assess his prospects.

  2. coyle27_Leon NealGetty Images_liz truss Leon Neal/Getty Images

    Liz Truss’s Backward Vision of the Future

    Diane Coyle argues that the new UK government will never cure what ails the British economy by living in the past.
  3. butler4_ Sean Gallup/Getty Images Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    The State Is Taking Back Energy

    Nick Butler sees increased government intervention in the sector as necessary but too often suboptimal.
  4. gros167_John KeebleGetty Images_bankofengland John Keeble/Getty Images

    The Stabilizing Effect of Inflation

    Daniel Gros explains why, despite the disruptions caused by monetary tightening, a financial crisis is unlikely.
  5. marin21_Steffen KuglerBundesregierung via Getty Image_scholzgermanymilitary Steffen Kugler/Bundesregierung via Getty Images

    Germany’s Emerging War Economy

    Dalia Marin outlines how the country can transform its economy and help Europe achieve strategic autonomy.
  6. kawamoto4_Eugene Hoshiko - PoolGetty Images_fumio kishida Eugene Hoshiko - Pool/Getty Images

    Japan’s Post-Abe Trust Crisis

    Akira Kawamoto explains how Fumio Kishida’s embattled government can regain public confidence and boost economic growth.
  7. wei51_DANIEL LEALAFP via Getty Images_bankofengland Daniel Leal/AFP via Getty Images

    Liz Truss vs. the Bank of England

    Shang-Jin Wei explains how UK policymakers can prevent a financial crisis by helping pensioners and homeowners.
  8. zhang57_ HECTOR RETAMALAFP via Getty Images_shanghailockdowncovid Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images

    What’s Happened to China’s Economy?

    Zhang Jun worries that weakened incentives for local-government policy innovation are undermining dynamism and growth.
  9. zizek8_Ying TangNurPhoto via Getty Images_iran protest Ying TangNurPhoto via Getty Images

    Women, Life, Freedom, and the Left

    Slavoj Žižek

    Four recent global news stories have revealed the varieties of women’s empowerment, showing how the politics of sex and gender can either challenge or reinforce existing power structures. For Western liberals, understanding these dynamics will be crucial to beating back the new right.

    shows how four recent news events highlight the failings of Western progressives to counter the far right.

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