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Sami Mahroum

Sami Mahroum

Writing for PS since 2012
18 commentaries
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Sami Mahroum, a professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Solvay Business School at the Free University of Brussels, is Director of Research and Strategy for Dubai Future Labs. He is a former senior lecturer and Director of the Innovation and Policy Initiative at INSEAD and the author of Black Swan Start-ups: Understanding the Rise of Successful Technology Business in Unlikely Places.

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  1. fischer163_action press-PoolGetty Images_natoflagsoldiers Action Press-Pool/Getty Images

    The Day After NATO

    Joschka Fischer

    French President Emmanuel Macron has drawn criticism for describing NATO as brain dead and pursuing a rapprochement with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But now that a wayward America could abandon the continent at any moment, Macron's argument for European defense autonomy is difficult to refute.