Political Evolution

People everywhere want a new relationship with power – more autonomy and more respect. This reflects our current era, in which new knowledge, ideas, and possibilities have made our identities richer, more fluid, and less subject to fate. At the same time, the information society and globalization have made ours a more insecure world, where we experience risks that politics-as-usual has been unable to address.

As the leader of a political party, the central idea for me nowadays is to empower individuals. A traditional party leader says to his followers, “You can trust me. ” I think the future for progressive politics lies in leaders trusting citizens . It’s a new kind of relationship.

We in PASOK, the party that I lead, have started to think through what we want out of politics in a practical sense and how this can be delivered in a way that respects people’s lives. We’re making changes at the top in order to open up our party to greater participation. We need to highlight, not hide , different views, and see our parties less as “war headquarters” and more as bio-diverse think tanks or workshops.