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Virginia Gascon Gonzalez

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Virginia Gascon Gonzalez is Policy Advisor, Antarctic Krill Conservation Project.

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  1. galbraith13_BRENDAN SMIALOWSKIAFP via Getty Images_JFKconspiracy Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

    The JFK Cover-Up Strikes Again

    James K. Galbraith

    By blocking the release of all documents concerning the Kennedy assassination, US President Joe Biden has continued what is now something of a White House tradition. It is no wonder that most Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

    sees only one reason for the refusal of successive US presidents to release all the assassination records.
  2. singer199_Bob LeveyGetty Images for MoveOn_taxrich Bob Levey/Getty Images for MoveOn

    Tax the Rich!

    Peter Singer

    The opening of the global economy over the past 30 years enriched multinational corporations, which have been able to shift profits to wherever the corporate tax rate is lowest. The G20 can take one step toward remedying that by accepting the proposed 15% minimum rate, but it should go much further.

    urges the upcoming G20 summit to approve a proposed minimum corporate rate, and to back a wealth tax as well.

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