Friday, August 18, 2017

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen is a former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

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Newsart for Europe’s Myopic Defense Cuts
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Europe’s Myopic Defense Cuts

All over Europe, defense expenditures are proving to be the easiest of targets as governments sim to slash their budget deficits. But if Europeans want their ambitions to be taken seriously - and not … read more

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Ireland Must Go

Ireland has gained enormously from EU membership, rising from poverty to become of Europe's richest countries – and thus exemplifying the benefits of European integration. But now, having rejected the… read more

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NATO’s Dangerous Signals

By denying Ukraine and Georgia a "Membership Action Plan" and allowing Greece to veto membership for Macedonia, NATO's Bucharest summit sent two dangerous signals. First, Russia has successfully re-as… read more

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The EU’s Appeasement of Russia

By refusing to offer any prospect of eventual membership, the EU is abandoning Ukraine – which once again finds itself in the eye of a political hurricane – and other post-Soviet countries like Georgi… read more

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