Sunday, July 23, 2017

Suzanne DiMaggio

Suzanne DiMaggio, Director of Policy Studies at the Asia Society, is Project Director of the Asia Society-sponsored Task Force on US Policy toward Burma/Myanmar.

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Newsart for Breaking Burma’s Isolation
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Breaking Burma’s Isolation

The Obama administration’s decision to seek a new way forward in US-Burma relations recognizes that decades-long efforts to isolate Burma (Myanmar) in order to change the behavior of its government ha… read more

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Obama and Iran

During Barack Obama's candidacy, he said of Iran that, “For us not to be in a conversation with them doesn’t make sense.” That conversation will not be easy, but Obama was right to advocate the path o… read more

Burma’s Agony

Ban Ki-moon’s appointment last year as UN Secretary-General raised hopes that the organization would play a more meaningful role in Asian affairs. More than a year into his tenure, however, no issue in… read more

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