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Susan Lund

Susan Lund

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Susan Lund is a partner at McKinsey & Company and a leader at the McKinsey Global Institute.

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  1. The Post-Pandemic Labor Market’s Long-Term Scars
    tyson97_Phil BarkerFuture Publishing via Getty Images_working remotely Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images

    The Post-Pandemic Labor Market’s Long-Term Scars

    Mar 17, 2021 Laura Tyson & Susan Lund warn that many of the lower-wage occupations displaced by lockdown restrictions are gone for good.

  2. America’s Uneven Future of Work
    tyson86_STRAFPGetty Images_work STR/AFP/Getty Images

    America’s Uneven Future of Work

    Sep 3, 2019 Laura Tyson & Susan Lund show how automation will affect workers across occupational, demographic, and geographic categories.

  3. The Blind Spot in the Trade Debate
    network Yuichiro Chino/Getty Images

    The Blind Spot in the Trade Debate

    Mar 20, 2019 Laura Tyson & Susan Lund argue that a more accurate accounting of services flows is essential to understanding bilateral deficits.

  4. Work in an Age of Automation
    Slund9_Nicolas Datiche_Getty Images Nicolas Datiche/Getty Images
    Free to read

    Work in an Age of Automation

    Jul 12, 2018 Susan Lund & Eric Hazan examine which skills workers will need – and which will lose value – in the age of AI.

  5. Are We in a Corporate-Debt Bubble?
    Pedestrians walk past the skyline of the financial district PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images

    Are We in a Corporate-Debt Bubble?

    Jun 19, 2018 Susan Lund reports new findings on nonfinancial firms' growing liabilities and highlights the risks on the horizon.

  1. songwe8_NIPAH DENNISAFP via Getty Images_ghana NIPAH DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images

    Where Is the Global South’s Rescue Brigade?

    Vera Songwe decries the unequal responses to liquidity crises in Silicon Valley compared to the developing world.
  2. slaughter96_melitasGetty Images_cooperative melitas/Getty Images

    Beyond Industrial Policy

    Anne-Marie Slaughter & Elizabeth Garlow make the case for an economic strategy that prioritizes shared prosperity over competition.
  3. afrasmussen17_TOFIK BABAYEVAFP via Getty Images_armeniaazerbaijanconflict Tofik Babayev/AFP via Getty Images

    The Other Conflict on Europe’s Doorstep

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen warns that Azerbaijan may be preparing to renew its military aggression against neighboring Armenia.
  4. varoufakis101_Justin SullivanGetty Images_svb Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Let the Banks Burn

    Yanis Varoufakis

    The banking system we take for granted is unfixable. The good news is that we no longer need to rely on any private, rent-seeking, socially destabilizing network of banks, at least not the way we have so far.

    shows why the current private system is unfixable – and why we don’t need to tolerate it anymore.
  5. roach151_ TIMOTHY A. CLARYAFP via Getty Images)_svb collapse TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)

    How China Benefits from Another US Banking Crisis

    Stephen S. Roach thinks America’s latest financial trouble will reinforce a narrative of terminal national decline.
  6. op_schell1_Andrea VerdelliGetty Images_xijinping Andrea Verdelli/Getty Images

    Xi Jinping’s Chinese Tragedy

    Orville Schell interviewed by Irena Grudzińska Gross about the country's increasingly worrisome trajectory, both at home and abroad.
  7. zizek16_ Frank Rumpenhorstpicture alliance via Getty Images_chatbot Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images

    Artificial Idiocy

    Slavoj Žižek

    The problem with the new chatbots is not just that they are often stupid and naive; it is that they are not “stupid” or “naive” enough to pick up on the nuances, ironies, and revealing contradictions that constitute human culture and communication. Worse, by relying on them, we risk succumbing to the same obtuseness.

    fears that the rise of powerful chatbots will spell the death of irony and nuance in human thought.
  8. kabubomariara1_Per-Anders Pettersson  Contributor Getty Images_research africa Per-Anders Pettersson / Contributor Getty Images

    Localizing Development Research

    Julia Kaufman & Jane Wanjiku Mariara explain why funders should be providing more long-term resources to researchers in developing countries.
  9. eeckhout1_Feature ChinaFuture Publishing via Getty Images_digitalrenminbi Feature China/Future Publishing via Getty Images

    The Simplest Fix for Banking

    Jan Eeckhout explains how central bank digital currencies would end bank runs and banks' excessive risk-taking.

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