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Steven J. Klees

Steven J. Klees

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Steven J. Klees, an economist, is Professor of International Education Policy and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher at the University of Maryland. He is the author, most recently, of The Conscience of a Progressive

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  1. Financing Universal Education
    South Sudan school children AFP/Getty Images

    Financing Universal Education

    Aug 3, 2017 Steven J. Klees proposes alternatives to market-fundamentalist approaches to international aid.

  2. The False Promise of Cost-Benefit Analysis
    child in village Orhan Cicek/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

    The False Promise of Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Jun 1, 2017 Steven J. Klees explains why technocrats' most important tool is all but useless for making sound policy choices.

  3. Pro-Growth is Not Pro-Poor
    Women in poverty selling bananas for dollars. World Bank Photo Collection/Flickr

    Pro-Growth is Not Pro-Poor

    Oct 9, 2015 Steven J. Klees makes the case that inequality can be addressed only through redistributive policies.

  4. Getting Universal Education Right
    Classroom in Iraq

    Getting Universal Education Right

    Sep 23, 2015 Steven J. Klees warns that the SDGs for education will not be met if more funding is not made available.

  1. duran8_ Getty ImagesGetty Images_argentina brazil union Getty Images/Getty Images

    Getting to Monetary Integration in Latin America

    Camila Villard Duran explains why the vision of a regional unit of account, advanced by Brazil and Argentina, is achievable.
  2. subramanian35_erhui1979Getty Images_speechbubbles erhui1979/Getty Images

    The Age of Verbiage

    Arvind Subramanian blames today’s nonstop inundation of expert opinion for undermining the quality of public discourse.
  3. haldar17_ FABRICE COFFRINIAFP via Getty Images_davos FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images

    Davos Man Has a People Problem

    Antara Haldar suspects that the socially “disembedded” economic logic of globalization has gone as far as it can go.
  4. buiter44_ SAUL LOEBAFP via Getty Images_treasury SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

    Eliminate the Debt Ceiling

    Willem H. Buiter thinks the US Constitution and common sense argue for a de facto abolition of the cap.
  5. ito23_KAZUHIRO NOGIAFP via Getty Images_japanmilitarysoldiers Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP via Getty Images

    Japan’s Fiscal Dilemma

    Takatoshi Ito explains why the country’s deficit-financed spending spree endangers its national security.
  6. rogoff233_ Arne Dedertpicture alliance via Getty Images_germanystockmarket Arne Dedert/picture alliance via Getty Images

    Too Soon for Global Optimism

    Kenneth Rogoff

    It is hard to reconcile the jubilant mood of many business leaders with the uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine. While there are some positive signs of economic recovery, a sudden escalation could severely destabilize the global economy, cause a stock market crash, and accelerate deglobalization.

    warns that the Ukraine war and economic fragmentation are still jeopardizing world growth prospects.
  7. pisaniferry141_Sean GallupGetty Images)_macronscholz Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Why Europe’s Franco-German Engine Is Stalling

    Jean Pisani-Ferry cautions that the two countries' differences are so substantial that a hasty compromise will not suffice.
  8. reichlin28_Sean GallupGetty Images_ecb Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Central Banks Should Slow Down

    Lucrezia Reichlin fears the consequences of excessive interest-rate hikes in the US, the UK, and especially the eurozone.
  9. goldberg21_OLI SCARFFAFP via Getty Images_remotework Oli Scarff/AFP via Getty Images

    Three Cheers for Hybrid Work

    Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg thinks the advantages of more flexible labor arrangements outweigh the disadvantages.

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