Monday, July 24, 2017

Simon Tilford

Simon Tilford is Deputy Director at the Center for European Reform.

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Arena in Seville, Spain
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The Pain in Spain

After eight consecutive quarters of economic expansion, Spain has become the eurozone’s latest poster child for austerity and structural reforms. But the country's recovery is not quite what it seems,… read more

Newsart for Eurobonds or Bust
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Eurobonds or Bust

The eurozone’s institutional weaknesses have been laid bare. The attempt to run a common monetary policy without a common treasury has failed. Investors do not know what they are buying when they purc… read more

Newsart for Europe’s Competitiveness Trap
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Europe’s Competitiveness Trap

European policymakers are obsessed with national “competitiveness,” and genuinely appear to think that prosperity is synonymous with trade surpluses. But economic growth, even in traditionally export-… read more

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