Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sanou Mbaye

Sanou Mbaye, a former member of the senior management team of the African Development Bank, is a Senegalese investment banker and the author of L’Afrique au secours de l’Afrique (Africa to the Rescue of Africa).

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Newsart for Can Senegal Succeed? Dean Rohrer
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Can Senegal Succeed?

In 2000, Senegalese voters enthusiastically went to the polls to elect Abdoulaye Wade as their president. Unfortunately, Wade turned out to be almost a caricature of the dozy African potentate for who… read more

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Françafrique at 50

This month, Africa’s Francophone countries will mark the 50th anniversary of their independence, and of the ties they maintain to France. But there isn't much to celebrate.

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