Sunday, July 23, 2017

Roberto Guareschi

Roberto Guareschi was for 13 years the managing editor for the newspaper Clarín in Buenos Aires. He is currently a writer and university lecturer.

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Cristina Kirchner’s Choice

Bolstered by economic stability, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner’s easy re-election confirms that she can govern a complex, contentious, and at times self-destructive society without her husband… read more

Newsart for Ollanta Humala’s Limited Options
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Ollanta Humala’s Limited Options

The big question in Latin America today is this: Will Peru’s newly elected President Ollanta Humala orient his country toward Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and his radical allies? Or will he choose the path… read more

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Argentina’s Two-for-One Presidency

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s victory in Argentina’s presidential election, following her husband's decision not to seek a second term, precedes the "rulng couple" that the Clintons may form in the… read more

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