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Robert H. Dugger

Robert H. Dugger

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Robert H. Dugger is Managing Partner at Hanover Provident Capital LLC.

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  1. The US Federal Reserve’s Debt Purchases Are a Warning
    dahn1_Mark WilsonGetty Images_USfederalreserve Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    The US Federal Reserve’s Debt Purchases Are a Warning

    Mar 9, 2020 David Ahn & Robert H. Dugger urge policymakers to address new generation-spanning challenges with a wartime sense of urgency.

  2. Modern Monetary Inevitabilities
    dugger3_GettyImages_dollarbillnegativestocknumbers Getty Images

    Modern Monetary Inevitabilities

    May 27, 2019 Robert H. Dugger thinks central-bank-financed stimulus will be the only option when the next major debt crisis arrives.

  3. The Dred Scott of Climate Change?
    juliana vs us rally Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

    The Dred Scott of Climate Change?

    Nov 16, 2018 Robert H. Dugger argues that the US federal courts should recognize the constitutional rights of future generations.

  4. America’s Hidden Debt
    blitz1_iStock_Getty Images Plus iStock / Getty Images Plus

    America’s Hidden Debt

    Aug 24, 2018 Daniel Blitz & Robert H. Dugger warn that official budget measures ignore the liabilities associated with infrastructure and climate change.

  1. ortiz6_STEFANI REYNOLDSAFP via Getty Images_austerity imf STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images

    Ending the Austerity Pandemic

    Isabel Ortiz & Matthew Cummins warn that governments are returning to the same failed belt-tightening policies of the past.
  2. mahbubani28_Kay Nietfeldpicture alliance via Getty Image_jokowidodobideng20 Kay Nietfeld/picture alliance via Getty Images

    The Hard-Won Benefits of Soft Diplomacy

    Kishore Mahbubani praises Indonesia's more consultative and culturally attuned approach to international affairs.
  3. qliu2_Liu RanyangChina News Service via Getty Images_chinacovid Liu Ranyang/China News Service via Getty Images

    China After Zero-COVID

    Qian Liu thinks the protests made it easier for officials to exit a policy that a faltering economy had made untenable.
  4. pei93_Kevin FrayerGetty Images_zero covid protest Kevin FrayerGetty Images

    China’s Zero-COVID Muddle

    Minxin Pei

    Chinese leaders’ refusal to adopt a clear stance on zero-COVID is pure politics: nobody wants to be blamed for whatever surge in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths follows a reopening. But the longer the authorities attempt to avoid responsibility and muddle through, the greater the risk to public health.

    warns that the government’s refusal to devise a comprehensive and systematic exit strategy could create the worst of two worlds.
  5. buruma194_Eric VerhoevenSoccratesGetty Images_world cup Eric Verhoeven/Soccrates/Getty Images

    FIFA’s World Cup Follies

    Ian Buruma dives into the thicket of fatuousness, hypocrisy, and greed that the tournament has become.
  6. libe2_ Chris JacksonGetty Images for Sentebale_lesothoschool Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Sentebale

    The Plight of Public Schools in Africa

    Palesa Libe highlights the toll that the pandemic has taken on lower-income students across the continent.
  7. leautier2_Getty Images Hildegarde_mdb finance Getty Images Hildegarde

    The Scope for More Multilateral Climate Finance

    Frannie Leautier, et al. highlight the crucial role multilateral development banks must play in funding large-scale green projects.
  8. malpass6_SIMON MAINAAFP via Getty Images_mangrove sustain BARBARA DEBOUTAFP via Getty Images

    Eco-Economic Development

    David Malpass sees declining fish stocks as a case study of why nature must be central to countries’ growth models.
  9. hausmann107+John MooreGetty Images_lac immigrants John Moore/Getty Images

    Higher Immigration or Higher Interest Rates for America?

    Ricardo Hausmann & Dany Bahar explain why the persistence of Trump-era xenophobia among US policymakers could lead to economic stagnation.

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