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Riitta Hari

Riitta Hari

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Academy Professor (Academy of Finland) and Head of the Brain Research Unit of the Low Temperature Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology.

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  1. op_acemoglu3_Boris SVvia Getty Images_ai2

    The Right Way to Worry

    Daron Acemoglu

    In his new study of man-made existential risks, philosopher Toby Ord calls attention to the disturbing gap between our growing technological power and our collective wisdom. And yet, giving too much weight to catastrophic scenarios carries risks of its own.

    reviews philosopher Toby Ord's meditation on existential risk in an age of rapidly developing technology.
  2. benami175_ANAS BABAAFP via Getty Images_bomb ANAS BABA/AFP via Getty Images

    The End of Israel’s Illusion

    Shlomo Ben-Ami

    The prevailing consensus among Israelis that Palestinian nationalism had been defeated – and thus that a political solution to the conflict was no longer necessary – lies in tatters. And even as the violence escalates, it has become clear to both sides that the era of glorious wars and victories is over.

    explains why the sudden eruption of Palestinian resistance caught a complacent nation off guard.
  3. informal construction Simon Maina/AFP via Getty Images

    The Future of Informality

    Informal workers comprise about 60% of the global labor force – and a much larger share in emerging and developing economies. Many of them have made essential contributions during the pandemic, but that is no guarantee of improved rights, benefits, and working conditions once the crisis is over.


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