Thursday, August 17, 2017

Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke, chief architect of the Dayton Peace Accords and former US Ambassador to the UN, was US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Opening China, Then and Now

America's opening to China by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger in 1971-1972 was a historic breakthrough. But the crucial step, taken by Jimmy Carter exactly 30 years ago, was to establish full diplom… read more

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Why Barack Obama?

The winner of America’s presidential election will face the most difficult opening-day agenda of any president since the man who saved the Union, Abraham Lincoln. In terms of judgment, leadership, and… read more

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What the West Can Do

Given the tremendous damage that Russia has inflicted on Georgia, it is easy to conclude that the Kremlin has achieved its objectives. But, as the West debates how to “punish Russia” for its invasion,… read more

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The Face of Evil

As the trial of Radovan Karadzic gets underway, it is important to note that his arrest and delivery to The Hague is not a mere historical footnote. It removes from the scene a man who was still under… read more

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