Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pierre Buhler

Pierre Buhler, a former French diplomat, was an associate professor at Sciences Po, Paris.

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Newsart for The Shrinking North
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The Shrinking North

“Demography is destiny,” Auguste Comte is reported to have said. Today, his maxim appears to encapsulate the fate of a number of the world’s richest countries. Indeed, the United Nations Population Di… read more

Newsart for WikiLeaky Power
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WikiLeaky Power

Beyond the headlines, the embarrassment of governments, and the blow dealt to the secrecy of diplomatic correspondence, WikiLeaks’ exposure of US diplomatic cables offers a raw illustration of how dee… read more

Newsart for The Weary Titan Paul Lachine
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The Weary Titan

Many people still look at the American economy, towering over the rest of the world with its $14 trillion GDP, as the engine of global recovery. But an increasingly uncompetitive civilian industry, th… read more

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