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Philipp Rotmann

Philipp Rotmann

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Philipp Rotmann is Associate Director at the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin and a coordinating author of Effective and Responsible Protection From Atrocity Crimes: Toward Global Action, the policy findings of an international research group on Global Norm Evolution and the Responsibility to Protect.

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  1. op_eeckhout1_Alex WongGetty Images_bezoslaughing Alex Wong/Getty Images

    Market Power Is Eating the Economy

    Jan Eeckhout

    Today's record-breaking stock-market valuations are largely a reflection of genuine profit-making by a handful of firms that have benefited from new technologies. But those who are currently high on their stock portfolios should know that what's good for business is not always good for the market economy.

    shows how network effects and economies of scale are benefiting dominant firms at the expense of everyone else.

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