Thursday, August 17, 2017

Orville Schell

Orville Schell is Director of the Center on US-China Relations at the Asia Society.

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Newsart for The China Investment Challenge
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The China Investment Challenge

When it comes to Chinese foreign direct investment, the US and Europe have legitimate reasons to worry about national-security issues. But, if US and EU officials cannot figure out the proper mix betw… read more

Newsart for Dry China
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Dry China

A severe drought in Guizhou Province is only one of the many kinds of severe weather aberrations that have been unsettling China of late. Chinese officials have responded with a wide array of engineer… read more

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China's Post-Olympic Challenge

While the Olympics highlighted China’s recent achievements, its efforts to gain a full measure of international respect and real “great power” status will not succeed until it matches its economic and… read more

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China’s Industrial Nightmare

The West should not be surprised by the spate of reports of China's poisonous foods, fake medicines, and defective products. On the contrary, the West should recognize its complicty in a development s… read more

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