Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Norman Manea

Norman Manea, a professor of European Studies and Culture and Writer in Residence at Bard College, is the author of Vizuina (The Lair), published in Romania in 2010.

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Newsart for Revolutionary Shadows Dean Rohrer
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Revolutionary Shadows

Mistrust and anger toward a corrupt and inefficient political class, coupled with increased skepticism about democracy – even nostalgia for communism – is to be found nowadays across much of Central a… read more

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A Lasting Poison

The recent revelation of the Czech writer Milan Kundera’s early collaboration with the Communist police is merely the latest proof of the long half-life of a toxic past. But, in order to understand th… read more

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Crime and Punishment, Refugee Style

The horrible murder of Giovanna Reggiani late last month by a young Romanian Roma near a refugee camp in the suburb of Tor di Quinto in Rome shocked both Italy and Romania. But to compound the tragedy… read more

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