Friday, July 28, 2017

Mkhaimar Abusada

Mkhaimar Abusada is Professor of Political Science at Al-Azhar University in Gaza.

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Newsart for Hamas Rising Dean Rohrer
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Hamas Rising

Hamas has emerged from the latest round of fighting with Israel with its status in the region significantly enhanced. At the same time, Hamas faces difficult questions about its ability to take advant… read more

Newsart for Gaza Shrugs Paul Lachine
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Gaza Shrugs

Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas has now personally presented the Palestinian bid for full UN membership to Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. What remains to be seen is whether Hamas, which has controll… read more

Newsart for The Hamas Veto
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The Hamas Veto

The resumption of direct peace talks between the Palestinians and Israelis has broken 20 months of stalemate. But these difficult talks face significant challenges from outside the negotiating room, p… read more

Newsart for Hamas Takes on the Radicals
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Hamas Takes on the Radicals

The recent shoot-out in a Gaza mosque between Hamas security officers and members of the radical jihadi group the Warriors of God has exposed the deep tensions that divide Palestinian Islamists. Althou… read more

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Palestine’s House Divided

President Bush’s call for a new peace conference for Israel, Palestine, and neighboring states that back a two-state solution is a welcome development. But efforts to re-start the peace process must now… read more

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