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Manuel Orozco

Manuel Orozco

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Manuel Orozco is a senior researcher at Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of International Migration.

  1. velasco122_RONALDO SCHEMIDTAFP via Getty Images_argentina RONALDO SCHEMIDTAFP via Getty Images

    Argentina's Imaginary Miracle

    Andrés Velasco & Eduardo Levy Yeyati

    The oldest statistical trick in the book is to label as growth what is really just a rebound after a massive output dip. That is exactly what has happened in Argentina, where the rapid economic rebound in 2021 came as no surprise and does not look especially healthy or sustainable.

    think the data do not support bullish assessments of the Fernández administration’s economic record.
  2. op_shafik1_erhui1979Getty Images_brokencontract erhui1979/Getty Images
    Subscriber Exclusive

    The Pandemic and Our Broken Social Contracts

    Minouche Shafik

    Behind frustrating, unnecessary problems like vaccine hesitancy lies a broader crisis of trust. The solution, argues the director of the London School of Economics and Political Science, is to rethink the basic terms of the relationship between individuals, firms, civil society, and the state.

    shows why confronting problems like COVID-19 will require a broader political overhaul.

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