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Leon Willems

Leon Willems

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Leon Willems is Director of Free Press Unlimited.

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  1. Preventing the Death of Independent Journalism
    willems6_ Eko Siswono ToyudhoAnadolu AgencyGetty Images_riot police press freedom Eko Siswono Toyudho/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

    Preventing the Death of Independent Journalism

    Dec 7, 2020 Leon Willems warns that a critical public good could be lost, undermining informed debate and political accountability.

  2. The Demonization of Journalists Must End
    willems5_FRANCOIS GUILLOTPOOLAFP via Getty Images_charliehebdomemorial Francois Guillot/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

    The Demonization of Journalists Must End

    Jan 9, 2020 Leon Willems says continued violence against members of the press represents an assault on a vital pillar of democracy.

  3. Justice for Journalists
    willems4_YASINAKGULAFPGettyImages_candlevigilwithkhashoggiposter Yasin Akgul/AFP/Getty Images

    Justice for Journalists

    Jun 18, 2019 Leon Willems suggests how to fight the culture of impunity surrounding violent crimes against reporters in many countries.

  4. Condemning Khashoggi’s Killers
    mbs g20 Nicolas Asfouri - Pool/Getty Images

    Condemning Khashoggi’s Killers

    Dec 11, 2018 Leon Willems says the apparent state-sanctioned murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi must not go unpunished.

  5. How Press Freedom Is Won
    Protesters holds placards during a rally against corruption and to pay tribute to murdered Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images

    How Press Freedom Is Won

    May 2, 2018 Leon Willems urges news consumers to reflect on the successes and sacrifices of journalists around the world.

  1. zhang59_JADE GAOAFP via Getty Images_chinahousing Jade Gao/AFP via Getty Images

    China’s Savings Conundrum

    Zhang Jun explains why – and how – the country must stimulate household consumption to achieve a robust recovery.
  2. BP inflation hawks China News Service / Contributor via Getty Images

    The Flight of the Inflation Hawks

    Though the US Federal Reserve’s first interest-rate hike of 2023 is smaller than those that preceded it, policymakers have signaled that more increases are on the way, despite slowing price growth. But there is good reason to doubt the utility – and fear the consequences – of continued rate hikes, on both sides of the Atlantic.

  3. boly1_Giovanni MereghettiUCGUniversal Images Group via Getty Images_agriculture rwanda Giovanni Mereghetti/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    How to Transform African Agriculture

    Safia Boly & Omid Kassiri identify four principles that could help governments across the continent boost food security.
  4. borrell19_ FADEL SENNAAFP via Getty Images_ukrainewar Fadel Senna/AFP via Getty Images

    Making Ukrainian Victory Possible

    Josep Borrell

    Exactly one year ago, it was still unclear whether Europeans would be able to come together to support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. But, following the latest announcements of stepped-up military aid, there can no longer be any doubt about Europe's willingness to furnish what Ukraine needs to win.

    explains why continued military support and other forms of assistance remain critical.
  5. zizek13_OLGA MALTSEVAAFP via Getty Image_russian soldier OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP via Getty Images

    Death or Glory in Russia

    Slavoj Žižek traces the religious and intellectual roots of the Kremlin’s increasingly morbid war propaganda.
  6. johnson159_Bill O'LearyThe Washington Post via Getty Images_congress ukraine Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

    Only the US Congress Can Stop Ukraine from Winning

    Simon Johnson explains why Russia’s best hope now lies with House Republicans’ nonsensical position on the US debt ceiling.
  7. emmott42_TORU YAMANAKAAFP via Getty Image_japannavy Toru Yamanaka/AFP via Getty Images

    What Japanese Deterrence Would Look Like

    Bill Emmott explains what it will take to discourage aggression by North Korea, Russia, and especially China.
  8. duran8_ Getty ImagesGetty Images_argentina brazil union Getty Images/Getty Images

    Getting to Monetary Integration in Latin America

    Camila Villard Duran explains why the vision of a regional unit of account, advanced by Brazil and Argentina, is achievable.
  9. subramanian35_erhui1979Getty Images_speechbubbles erhui1979/Getty Images

    The Age of Verbiage

    Arvind Subramanian blames today’s nonstop inundation of expert opinion for undermining the quality of public discourse.

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