Monday, July 24, 2017

Leif Pagrotsky

Leif Pagrotsky is a Swedish MP, vice president of Riksbank, and a former Minister of Industry and Trade and Minister of Education, Research, and Culture.

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With the US crippled by Wall Street’s collapse, this should be Europe’s moment. Yet the EU’s share of the global economy is shrinking, its role in the world is weakening, and its only hope of reversing… read more

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Are Bad Banks a Good Idea?

The idea of a “bad bank” appears to grow more popular by the day in countries where toxic assets have paralyzed lending, and the Swedish bank cleanup in the early 1990’s is often cited as an example o… read more

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How to Sell Anti-Protectionism

In the face of the worst economic outlook in 70 years, protectionism has crept into many G-20 members’ domestic political debate. While the recent G-20 summit in Washington, D.C., rejected such polici… read more

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