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Kristina Skierka

Kristina Skierka

1 commentaries

Kristina Skierka is CEO of Power for All.

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  1. drew67_Dave Tschorn_trumpstefanik Dave Tschorn

    The Big Lie and Its Consequences

    Elizabeth Drew

    By demonstrating craven loyalty to Donald Trump despite his lies about the 2020 election, the Republican Party is no longer simply playing for the base. By questioning the very integrity of America's electoral system, it now represents an open threat to the US constitutional order.

    sees the Republican Party's denial of electoral reality as a historic threat to the US constitution.
  2. varoufakis79_iNuengGetty Images_debtrelief iNueng/Getty Images

    Austerity’s Hidden Purpose

    Yanis Varoufakis

    Even if everyone agreed that printing another trillion dollars to finance a basic income for the poor would boost neither inflation nor interest rates, the rich and powerful would still oppose it. After all, their most important interest is not to conserve economic potential, but to preserve the power of the few to compel the many.

    shows that the real goal of cutting fiscal spending is to compel workers to accept low wages.
  3. smarin1_OLIVIER MORINAFP via Getty Images_finlandwindfarm Olivier Morin/AFP via Getty Images

    The Climate X Factor

    Sanna Marin

    The climate and biodiversity crises we face demand that we not only shift to carbon-neutral energy sources, but also usher in a circular economy in which a significant share of material resources are reused and repurposed. To reach that goal, the development of new technologies will be crucial.

    explains why any credible sustainability strategy must take proper account of technological innovation.
  4. kupchan5_ Lintao ZhangGetty Images_biden Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

    Biden’s Foreign Policy Needs a Course Correction

    Charles A. Kupchan

    By defining today's geopolitics as a clash between democracy and autocracy, the Biden administration risks both empowering America's adversaries and undercutting its allies. And an us-versus-them approach will make it impossible to confront shared global challenges.

    worries that the new US administration has centered its strategy on ideology rather than pragmatism.

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