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Korinna Horta

Korinna Horta

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Korinna Horta, a resident scholar at the University of Lisbon, is an independent researcher with experience in international finance.

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  1. op_misak1_BoyerRoger Viollet via Getty Images_vienna 1920s Boyer/Roger Viollet via Getty Images

    Deep Thought in Dark Times

    Cheryl Misak

    In grappling with partisan polarization and populist, post-truth politics, one could do worse than to revisit an earlier era of moral failure and arbitrary violence. During the interwar period of the twentieth century, the Vienna Circle set an imperfect but invaluable example of how to make sense of a senseless world. 

    reviews four books revisiting a critical and increasingly relevant period of intellectual history.
  2. climate net zero Visual China Group via Getty Images

    Destination Net-Zero

    China and the European Union will need to undergo massive and urgent economic transitions in order to fulfill their recent pledges to become carbon neutral within the next few decades. But peer pressure and policy convergence could yet make these ambitions achievable – especially if the United States rejoins the global fight against climate change.


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