Tuesday, August 22, 2017

John O'Brennan

John O’ Brennan is Director of European Studies and a lecturer in European Politics at the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM).

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Newsart for A Europe of Judges
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A Europe of Judges

Away from the summits of EU power, other institutional actors continue to shape the EU system, with courts, in particular, driving European integration forward as much as politicians have. But what co… read more

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Ireland Decides, Again

On October 2, Irish voters go to the polls for a second time to decide whether to adopt the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty - a vote that has cast a mood of nervousness over EU capitals. While everythi… read more

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Ireland Votes, Europe Waits

Ireland is the only country that will put the EU's Lisbon Treaty – which requires unanimous support from all 27 member states - to a referendum. Although Ireland has benefited more than any other EU m… read more

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Serbia's Choice

Serbia's upcoming presidential election may decide the country’s political path for decades to come. As Kosovo’s new government moves toward a unilateral declaration of independence, Serbs face a star… read more

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