Sunday, August 20, 2017

John Delury

John Delury is director of the China Boom Project at the Asia Society, New York.

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Newsart for The Chinese Road to Pyongyang
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The Chinese Road to Pyongyang

Kim Jong Il’s visit to China this week is a gentle reminder that the road to Pyongyang leads through Beijing. By keeping a door open to North Korea’s leaders, China is making a substantial contributio… read more

Newsart for Turning North Korea Around
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Turning North Korea Around

As formal negotiations over the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula look set to resume, talk of a “grand bargain” remains unfortunately just that – talk. To speed the process, the US and other po… read more

Newsart for Tiananmen Square Revisited
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Tiananmen Square Revisited

As China looms ever larger in the world economy, it is worth remembering that 20 years ago, the People’s Republic almost fell apart. By reunifying the Communist Party leadership and re-establishing so… read more

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Why is China Booming?

Few observers looking in 1978 at the smoldering embers of the Cultural Revolution, or at the seeming ruination of the post-1989 years, thought China would emerge as the lightning rod of the world’s de… read more

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