Friday, July 28, 2017

Jean-Paul Fitoussi

Jean-Paul Fitoussi is Professor Emeritus of Economics at Sciences-Po and Research Director of OFCE (Sciences-Po Center for Economic Research, Paris).

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Ghettoizing Identity

Two of the leading models of social integration, the “British” model of cultural pluralism and the “French” model of secular republicanism, have both failed. In their place, multiculturalism has come … read more

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The Fog of Finance

Military leaders talk about the “fog of war” – the condition of fundamental uncertainty that marks combat. The recent credit and liquidity crisis has revealed a similar condition in financial markets,… read more

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Children of Frenchmen

A puzzling feature of the France that is now poised to give Nicolas Sarkozy's political allies a powerful parliamentary mandate is its mix of private optimism and public pessimism. When it comes to the future o… read more

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