Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ike Okonta

Ike Okonta, an Abuja-based policy analyst and writer, is currently a fellow of the Open Society Institute, New York.

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Newsart for The Nigerian Crucible Dean Rohrer
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The Nigerian Crucible

Nigeria's president, Goodluck Jonathan, has allowed his government to loot the treasury, while militant organizations terrorize the populace. Its rich and powerful have already plunged Nigeria into a … read more

Newsart for Nigeria’s Homegrown Terrorists
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Nigeria’s Homegrown Terrorists

After the sound and fury of Nigeria's recent elections, Africa’s most populous country appears set to face violence and chaos born of deprivation and neglect. Indeed, President Goodluck Jonathan appea… read more

Newsart for Goodluck Nigeria
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Goodluck Nigeria

The bombs that exploded in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, as the country was celebrating its golden jubilee this year are a disturbing portent of the unprecedented political territory that the country is e… read more

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