Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hans Blommestein

Dr Blommestein is a prominent internationally operating economist who has published widely on banking issues, bond markets, risk management, pension finance and ethics & finance. He is leading the work on public debt and bond markets at the OECD. He is also a Co-director of the African Centre for African Public Debt Management and Bond Markets (located in South Africa). Dr. Blommestein has advised governments in Europe, US, LA, Asia and Africa on banking problems, government borrowing operations and public debt issues, pension finance and the development of bond markets. He is serving (or has served) on the advisory boards of several international organizations such as the World Bank and OECD, and has held advisory and executive positions including at the IMF, OECD, the Dutch Ministry of Finance, the International Court of the Environment Foundation and the European Union, as well as research/scholarly posts at a number of universities in Europe, US and Asia.
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