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Hanan Morsy

Hanan Morsy

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Hanan Morsy is Deputy Executive Secretary and Chief Economist at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

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  1. Reforming the Global Debt Architecture
    morsy4_ Alet PretoriusGallo Images via Getty Images_africadebt Alet Pretorius/Gallo Images via Getty Images

    Reforming the Global Debt Architecture

    Jul 3, 2023 Hanan Morsy proposes fixing the G20 Common Framework and giving African countries a seat at the policymaking table.

  2. Navigating the “New Normal” for African Schools
    morsy3_LUCA SOLAAFP via Getty Images_africa school open Luca Sola/AFP via Getty Images

    Navigating the “New Normal” for African Schools

    Mar 26, 2021 Hanan Morsy provides alarming evidence of pandemic-driven closures' impact on human capital and inequality.

  3. How Africa Can Harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    morsy2_WIKUS DE WETAFP via Getty Images_southafricachildrentechnologyeducation Wikus de Weta/AFP via Getty Images

    How Africa Can Harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Aug 18, 2020 Hanan Morsy calls for an overhaul of education systems to close a persistent and growing skills gap.

  4. Addressing Africa’s Skills Mismatch
    morsy1_Michael CandeloriNurPhoto via Getty Images_africa youth work Michael Candelori/NurPhoto via Getty Images

    Addressing Africa’s Skills Mismatch

    Jan 14, 2020 Hanan Morsy identifies three steps the continent's governments should take to reduce mismatches between jobs and skills.

  1. patino1_Jesus VargasGetty Images_edmundogonzalez Jesus Vargas/Getty Images

    Diplomacy Could Help Revive Democracy in Venezuela

    Roberto Patiño urges the international community to help ensure a free and fair presidential election in July.
  2. zizek31_Horacio Villalobos#CorbisGetty Images_marinelepen Horacio Villalobos/Corbis/Getty Images

    The Specter of Neo-Fascism Is Haunting Europe

    Slavoj Žižek

    With mainstream parties and politicians already preparing to accommodate the far right following this month's European Parliament election, the axiom of post-World War II European democracy has been quietly abandoned. “No collaboration with fascists" is being replaced by a tacit acceptance of them.

    harbors no illusions about what the outcome of the European Parliament election means.
  3. tbhattacharya1_MONEY SHARMAAFP via Getty Images_indiahospitalmother MOney Sharma/AFP via Getty Images

    Can Private Hospitals Increase Access to Health Care in Developing Countries?

    Titir Bhattacharya & Tanika Chakraborty show how innovative insurance schemes can help low- and middle-income economies achieve universal coverage.
  4. fengler1_Alina SmutkoSuspilne UkraineJSC UAPBCGlobal Images Ukraine via Getty Images_ukrainereconstruction Alina Smutko/Suspilne Ukraine/JSC UAP/BCGlobal Images Ukraine via Getty Images

    Tracking Ukraine’s Reconstruction Funds

    Wolfgang Fengler & Vladyslav Rashkovan show how digital tools can streamline the process, improve transparency, and provide accountability.
  5. muzikarova6_VLADIMIR SIMICEKAFP via Getty Images_fico Vladimir Simicek/AFP via Getty Images

    Slovakia’s Anti-Democratic Government Is Doubling Down

    Soňa Muzikárová warns that the assassination attempt in May has led the government to double down on illiberal reforms.
  6. skidelsky202_BettmannGetty Images_d-day Bettmann/Getty Images

    D-Day and the Threat of Total War

    Robert Skidelsky

    After eight decades of relative peace, the world is once again dividing into hostile economic and geopolitical blocs. The 80th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy offers a valuable opportunity to reflect on the principles we are willing to defend and the sacrifices we are prepared to make.

    thinks understanding the causes and consequences of past global conflicts is crucial to preventing another one.
  7. obstfeld4_Jabin BotsfordThe Washington Post via Getty Images_trumplighthizer Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

    The Dangers of a US Capital Inflow Tax

    Maurice Obstfeld worries that a little-known, highly costly method of deficit reduction is gaining political traction.
  8. beaufils1_ Alain DENANTESGamma-Rapho via Getty Images_solar panels Alain DENANTES/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

    Europe’s Green Transition Requires More Skilled Workers

    Julie Beaufils urges policymakers to boost the attractiveness of technical vocations by expanding access to apprenticeships.
  9. volz8_iStock  Getty Images Plus_global finance iStock / Getty Images Plus
    Free to read

    A Monetary and Economic Order Fit for the Twenty-First Century

    Ulrich Volz, et al. identify eight priorities to build a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable global financial architecture.

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