Friday, August 18, 2017

Guy Sorman

Guy Sorman, a French philosopher and economist, is the author of Economics Does Not Lie.

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Newsart for Back to Utopia?
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Back to Utopia?

France's presidential election appears to herald European voters' turn away from charismatic leaders in favor of bland normalcy. But almost one-third of French voters supported extremist parties in th… read more

Newsart for Dreaming of a New Edo Era
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Dreaming of a New Edo Era

In mid-November, G-20 leaders convene for the first time in South Korea - a choice of venue that tacitly acknowledges the country's remarkable success in becoming an economic powerhouse and a vibrant … read more

Newsart for The Welfare State, RIP
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The Welfare State, RIP

It is usually easier to see the beginning of something than the end of it. Born in 1945 in post-war Britain, the welfare state met its end in Britain this week, when British Chancellor of the Excheque… read more

Newsart for What Asian Century?
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What Asian Century?

It is almost taken for granted nowadays that this is to be the “Asian Century,” marking an irreversible political/economic shift in global power from West to East. But the Asian Century is a myth: we … read more

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