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Giulio Boccaletti

Giulio Boccaletti

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Giulio Boccaletti, an honorary research associate at the University of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, is a visiting senior fellow at the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change and the author, most recently, of Water: A Biography (Pantheon, 2021).

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  1. Climate Science Meets Geopolitics
    op_boccaletti2_MARTIN BUREAUAFP via Getty Images_sonarsubmarine Martin Bureau/AFP via Getty Images

    Climate Science Meets Geopolitics

    Jun 10, 2022 Giulio Boccaletti explains how new global rivalries will elevate and alter the uses of earth-science systems and programs.

  2. Environmentalism After Ukraine
    boccaletti11_Diego HerreraXinhua via Getty Images_environmentalism after ukraine forest Diego Herrera/Xinhua via Getty Images

    Environmentalism After Ukraine

    Mar 16, 2022 Giulio Boccaletti explains why the erosion of the international order will force a reconsideration of fundamental principles.

  3. The New Land Economy
    op_boccaletti1_Edwin RemsbergGetty Images Edwin Remsberg/Getty Images

    The New Land Economy

    Feb 11, 2022 Giulio Boccaletti explains why one of the oldest forms of capital will have to be reconsidered in the age of climate change.

  4. An Interview with Giulio Boccaletti

    An Interview with Giulio Boccaletti

    Nov 2, 2021 Giulio Boccaletti challenges the notion of “efficient authoritarianism,” shows why the US must become an environmental republic, and cites human migration as one of the biggest risks implied by climate change.

  5. When the Political Levee Breaks
    boccaletti9_BERND LAUTERAFP via Getty Images_german floods BERND LAUTER/AFP via Getty Images

    When the Political Levee Breaks

    Sep 6, 2021 Giulio Boccaletti considers the deeper institutional implications of recent climate-driven disasters in rich countries.

  1. soll2_Chris J RatcliffeGetty Images_liztruss Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

    Britannia Deranged

    Jacob Soll explores UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’s 2012 manifesto and its incoherent vision of capitalism.
  2. singer210_ JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIERAFP via Getty Images_monkeysexperimentslab Jean-Francois Monier/AFP via Getty Images

    Research Ethics and Non-Human Subjects

    Peter Singer highlights an appalling recent article that Springer Nature should retract under its new guidance for authors.
  3. rogoff229_Dean MouhtaropoulosGetty Images_chesscarlsen Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

    How to Settle the Great Chess Cheating Scandal

    Kenneth Rogoff explains how a suspiciously successful young upstart can prove that he is for real.
  4. moyo23_Michael M. SantiagoGetty Images_us inflation Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

    Why Deglobalization Makes US Inflation Worse

    Dambisa Moyo laments that today’s inflationary surge has not elicited a coordinated global response.
  5. op_fuest1_ INA FASSBENDERAFP via Getty Images_electricity Ina Fassbender/AFP via Getty Images

    How to Tax Energy Companies’ Windfall Profits

    Clemens Fuest & Axel Ockenfels

    Given the complexities of modern markets, economies, and legal regimes, new levies on energy companies will always run into implementation problems. To prevent supply shortages and other disastrous unintended consequences, policymakers must proceed with caution and coordinate across borders.

    consider the underappreciated difficulties of implementing new levies without creating unwanted side effects.
  6. GettyImages-1243621433 ALEXANDER NEMENOV / Contributor via Getty Images

    Is Putin in Peril?

    From alternate-reality annexations to fresh nuclear threats, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems more desperate than ever to project an image of strength after a string of battlefield defeats. As Ukrainian forces advance on Russian-occupied territories and hundreds of thousands of draft-age Russian men flee the Kremlin’s “partial mobilization,” we asked PS commentators to assess his prospects.

  7. coyle27_Leon NealGetty Images_liz truss Leon Neal/Getty Images

    Liz Truss’s Backward Vision of the Future

    Diane Coyle argues that the new UK government will never cure what ails the British economy by living in the past.
  8. butler4_ Sean Gallup/Getty Images Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    The State Is Taking Back Energy

    Nick Butler sees increased government intervention in the sector as necessary but too often suboptimal.
  9. gros167_John KeebleGetty Images_bankofengland John Keeble/Getty Images

    The Stabilizing Effect of Inflation

    Daniel Gros explains why, despite the disruptions caused by monetary tightening, a financial crisis is unlikely.

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