Monday, July 24, 2017

Fan Gang

Fan Gang, one of China’s most prominent advocates of reform, is Professor of Economics at Beijing University and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He also serves as Director of China’s National Economic Research Institute and as Secretary-General of the China Reform Foundation. He was previously a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People’s Bank of China.

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Newsart for China’s Shrinking Trade Surplus
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China’s Shrinking Trade Surplus

Throughout 2010, China was criticized by the US Congress (and many others) for “manipulating” its currency in order to maintain an advantage for exports, and thus preserve its trade surplus. But China… read more

Newsart for Urbanizing China

Urbanizing China

Most countries at a stage of development similar to China's experienced faster urbanization than industrialization. But the reverse is true in China, largely because the system of land tenure ensures … read more

Newsart for China’s War on Inequality
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China’s War on Inequality

A major new target in the five-year plan that China just unveiled is to boost the growth rate for household income so that it equals the growth rate of GDP. The reason is simple: over the past 10 year… read more

Newsart for China’s Great Migration
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China’s Great Migration

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of regional issues – particularly inter-regional disparities – for China’s politics. That is why ensuring continued migration from the country's vast int… read more

Newsart for Is Low-Wage China Disappearing?
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Is Low-Wage China Disappearing?

Reports of labor shortages, wage disputes, and wage increases in China have abounded of late, naturally raising concerns that China’s labor-cost advantages may be disappearing. But, because China must… read more

Newsart for Athens, China John Overmyer
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Athens, China

Many factors may be pushing China’s economy in the direction of overheating, and one of the most worrying fueled the crisis in the eurozone: mushrooming public debt. But, while the problem in the euro… read more

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