Sunday, August 20, 2017

Donna Dickenson

Donna Dickenson, Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics and Humanities at the University of London, is the author of the book Me Medicine vs. We Medicine.

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Newsart for Mengele in America

Mengele in America

In 1946, American lawyers prosecuted Nazi doctors at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity – so-called “research” carried out on concentration camp prisoners. But, on the other side of the Atlantic, i… read more

Newsart for Free-Market Babies?
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Free-Market Babies?

The UK, France, and India are currently embroiled in passionate debate about reproductive rights and obligations, and many other countries are likely to follow. So it is necessary to clarify what is a… read more

Newsart for Me Medicine

Me Medicine

The seismic shift in health care toward genetic personalized medicine promises to give each of us insight into our deepest personal identity – our genetic selves – and let us sip the elixir of life in… read more

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