Thursday, July 20, 2017

David Rieff

David Rieff is the author of At the Point of a Gun: Democratic Dreams and Armed Intervention. His most recent book, Swimming in a Sea of Death: A Son's Memoir, is about his mother, the novelist and critic Susan Sontag.

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Newsart for The Limits of Bonapartism
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The Limits of Bonapartism

At a stroke, President Nicolas Sarkozy has returned France to NATO’s unified military command, overturning a four-decade-old pillar of French policy. This, however, is consistent Sarkozy's manic style… read more

Newsart for Is Mexico Disintegrating?
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Is Mexico Disintegrating?

Mexico is in freefall, with drug cartels posing the gravest threat to its state institutions since at least the Cristero Uprising of the late 1920’s and possibly since the Mexican Revolution of 1910. … read more

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The Kouchner Conversion

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner made his name as a champion of "humanitarian intervention" by outside states to stop grave human rights violations by tyrannical governments. Kouchner has retr… read more

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The Last Interventionist

Tony Blair can be plausibly described as being chiefly responsible for formulating and successfully propagating the doctrine of "humanitarian intervention." But neither his successor, Gordon Brown, no… read more

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