Monday, August 21, 2017

Charles Tannock

Charles Tannock is a member of the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament.

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Newsart for Putin’s Kampf
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Putin’s Kampf

It may be fashionable nowadays to belittle the “lessons of Munich,” when Neville Chamberlain and Édouard Daladier appeased Hitler’s claims on Czechoslovakia. But if the West acquiesces to Crimea’s ann… read more

Newsart for Ukraine’s Path Not Taken
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Ukraine’s Path Not Taken

This week, as Ukraine marked the 80th anniversary of Stalin’s engineered famine, President Viktor Yanukovich’s government announced that it would not sign a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement… read more

Newsart for Putin’s Choice Pedro Molina
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Putin’s Choice

How Vladimir Putin, an astute politician, responds to domestic pressure after resuming the presidency on May 7 will decide his political legacy. And the West’s response could have a marked effect on w… read more

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